Starting a Gun Repair Store

Repairing guns can be fun for those who love doing it and while you’re at it, it’s actually a great idea to start your own gun repair store so you can make money out of your interests.

Love repairing guns? Why not make money out of it by starting a gun repair store?

If you are someone who has an interest in repairing guns, then starting a gun repair store can be the perfect business for you. These days, a lot of gun owners would in fact look for someone who can fix their firearms rather than to purchase a new one. Of course, new guns can be downright expensive and getting a repair service can be much more affordable than that. Those who have years of experience when it comes to gun repair surely know that sometimes, a gun only has some minor defects and fixing it can be done at once, without having to spend expensively at all.

In addition to restoring broken guns and gun parts, you should also have some skill when it comes to hand-fitting personalized scope mounts. Basic woodworking knowledge is also a requirement for you so you would be able to address other defects, depending on the type of gun. There are many different gun brands, after all, such as Marlin, Savage, Winchester, Browning, Remmington, Smith and Wesson and many others. Now you should be skilled when it comes to all gun types such as single shot, semi automatic, shotguns, handguns, double barrel and more. Simply put, you should know what to do whatever it is that your clients bring to your store.
Some of the common concerns that you will most likely encounter is that there are some double barrels that need some outside hammers to be fitted. Also, jammed guns that do not fire need some fixing and you should know what to do with it as well.

Now if you can provide excellent services for those problems, you can be sure that it wouldn’t take you a long time before you can be known in the industry. Besides, gun owners themselves frequently share one to another about where they go for repair services and they will not hesitate to tell others about you if they are really satisfied with your repairs. Some would even go as far as posting blog entries on their personal websites or even share their experience with you in gun-related forums. Otherwise, they might also tell others about their negative feedback about your business if you weren’t really a satisfactory repair shop.

With that in mind, your foremost goal at all times should be to provide accurate and excellent service. Make sure that you will always inspect any gun carefully before you start fixing it so you can really be sure about its real defect. After that, you should evaluate what repairs would be necessary and if there are any parts that need to be replaced or installed. The last step, of course, is that you should test the gun to see if it’s already working properly. If you follow these steps, it’s more likely that you will really succeed in the business.


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