Starting a Green Business

Are you thinking on "what is a green business", Green means organic, and this seems to be the current business trend in the market today. Three of the crucial elements when starting your own green business include: imagination, green business certification, grants for green business, finding like minded people and promoting your products and services.

There seems to be a conscious effort now to try and promote any sort of green business with attached hopes of preserving the natural resources of our planet.

There are organic bath products, clothing, household products, etc. flooding the market. Many people mistakenly think that in order to go “green,” you literally have to floor major expenses, but this hasn’t been the case so far. In fact, according to studies done in 2006 on small and medium scale businesses, entrepreneurs who are setting up “green businesses” are raking in relatively more profits as compared to behemoth companies doing the same thing.

For the green incubators, imagination plays a crucial role. The conventional methods of production and product preparation are commercial at best, and these methods of course, do not work well with green business products and services. Besides, the whole basis for promoting “greens” is to steer away from commercialism, and to develop a more earth-friendly but a sustainable entrepreneurship using organic materials. Textiles are now being made from such cast-off materials like bamboo trimmings, corn husks and even recycled crab shells. The by-products of these are even turned into bio-fuel, which is a better alternative to fossil fuel.

Choosing Partners and Investors for Your Green Business

Finding like minded people will help you achieve sustainability in no time. The green business is hard enough to launch on its own because of the inherent skepticism attached to it. People are naturally doubtful as to whether your organic product actually works or that it will prove itself worthy of investment. After all, compared to commercialized products, aside from being organic, what else could they get from it? Sharing your ideas with people who are with you on the same page will boost you into thinking more of your chosen product or service. For example, if you are into the bees’ wax business, you may want to seek the services people who use organic materials for bath products or cosmetics. How about packaging? Then try recycled papers. Having a network of suppliers and other green entrepreneurs will certainly benefit your “promotion” for earth-friendly products. At the same time, you are actually opening your organic business to others, making them seek your services as much as you seek theirs. This move lays down the groundwork for sustainability.

Marketing Your Green Business

Promoting your organic products and services is also a vital part in any green business movement. After all, how can people tell the difference between your goods and the commercially made ones? The best promotion so far has been word-of-mouth. This is not an easy thing to accomplish, especially if you are aiming for a larger market base. You have to remember though that your small business endeavor has to start with a small market as well. Advertise your green business using yourself as “testing grounds.” If you are producing organic made bath products, use them, and make your relatives and friends use them by giving our free samples. Think of it as an advertising campaign so you wouldn’t have to worry too much about the possible costs. Get feedbacks. Surprisingly enough, friends and family members give off very honest feedbacks. Once you’ve got the kinks work out, then you can try boosting up your campaign via your own website. No matter with the size of your business but print some green business cards and carry it along yourself.

Make sure though, that you maintain your “greenness,” for some small companies eventually become commercialized as well especially after the profits begin pouring in.


  • Nandini Janney said on September 6, 2009
    Kindly give me an idea to start a green business, The raw materials available locally are arecanut husk, bogasses, arecanut leaves.
  • kannan p.m said on November 20, 2009
    hi, i am kannan and i would like to know about to start a spices exporting and domestic sale business, and what are the procedures to get an export license, main domestic and international markets to sell off the goods preferably in gulf countries, the sours of getting spices etc. i am expecting an elaborated details to get start a business. with regards, kannan p.m
  • jose mario de jesus gomez rendon said on February 24, 2012
    I am of Hispanic ancestry but I am living in Cotonou, Benin, Africa; Where I have a land 20,000 mts/2 in which to develop a project, preferably Agriculturist, so I require of a collaborator or associate with knowledge and experience that interest in obtaining clear objectives on the matter has, please to write to the email:


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