Starting a Computer Center Franchise

To be successful in computer center franchising, there are several things that you need to know – including hardware and software side of the business.

Having a computer center franchise will require most owners to learn various techniques, including technical support and hardware installation assistance to all the people and businesses.

You also have to remember that your business is anchored on the internet and information technology, which means that people will be looking for the latest top-of-the-line products that revolve around a microchip.

Typically, one computer center franchise will require around $200,000 to $500,000 for you to be able to stock and equip your store with different computer setups that most clients would look for. Other computer franchises cost more than $1 million since they invest heavily on the design of the store or office. This, of course, would still depend on the location of the computer center.

One of the most important things that you need to know about putting up a computer center franchise is the population in the area. You have to consider looking for locations that would be near business centers and populous areas, where people usually congregate.

When putting up a computer center franchise, you will have to study the people going in and out of your store – what they are looking for and what their usual preference when they are buying something (hardware and software).

The best location for you to put up your computer franchise is inside a mall or somewhere near a business center. Remember, big businesses are the major buyers of computers and software. For training and support, you will need to hire employees that have background on computers or software development. They can help you explain the type of products that you are offering in your computer center franchise.

The computer center business also requires owners to be creative in their approach to people. This is when your marketing talents come in. There are different types of marketing techniques for you to be able to sell your products, including flyers and posters.

But other computer businesses even spend thousands of dollars for a few seconds of air time. Television and radio advertisements will give you a boost in terms of name recall, and would give people an idea where they will look for in case they would need a new software or hardware replacement.

Also, the Internet would be the best advertising medium to use when you want to sell something. Based on a study, most people now look into the Web when they want to find something they need, specially the latest in technological innovations.


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