Starting a Career in Academia

Entering academia is a challenging path as it requires greater flexibility from an applicant. For the sake of making a name in the academic community, building a portfolio and publishing record is also therefore a must. All things need to be done for the best life experience and a successful career in academia.

Starting a career in academia is a competitive and extreme career route that certain things need to be aware of. With more PhD graduates than academic posts for jobs, it could mean a fierce and tough competition otherwise.

career in academia

Academia is a competitive career route and it is a transitional phase of career. Below are among the things to follow before starting a career in academia:

Demonstrate a Personal Research

It is actually possible for PhD graduates to enroll and start a career in academia later on in life. Many academics in universities are able to prove it. The very first thing needed is to demonstrate a personal research strategy. All those things mentioned need to be proven as well. The strategies must be known specifically and must be intended to achieving personal goals and aims. In addition to that, these must also complement to the ambitions of the university and department.

The pedagogic process must also be specifically understood including research-lead teaching. Even the present policy debates must also be understood. The life experiences and the administration all combined help start a career in Academia.

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It is also believed that research is the number one factor for one to be appointed or not. Prior to the application for funding, it must be a name of the applicant. Some universities do not appoint unless one is able to demonstrate clearly the research. This is due to the reason that the reputation of universities lies on it.

Consider Some General Job Seeking Tips Related to Academia

It is worth noting taking note of general job seeking tips including those specifically intended to academia. This is prior to looking for a first post. The resume or application need to be checked for spelling or grammatical errors. An interview technique must as well be employed and presentation skills must also be brushed up completely. These are all essential when starting a career in Academia.

Tenacity is certainly one of the significant elements in starting a career in Academia.

Keep the Goals in mind and Remember the Reasons of Starting a Career in Academia

It is worth keeping the goals in mind and remembering the reasons of starting a career in Academia. Know if there is really a love in the subject and if there is a further knowledge in it. This will help drive the study in the very first place. The enthusiasm and passion will help overcome any challenges to be faced when starting a career in academia.

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