How to Become a House Designer

: If you are dreaming of designing houses or other structures but do not want to spend years just to become a registered interior designer or an architect then you may also opt to try your chances in the field of Building Design.

A Home Designer or Professional Building Designer focus on designing residential homes and agricultural buildings. These professionals can also design the facades of larger buildings.

Why House Designer?

When you wanted to become a house designer, it is very significant that you already have an innate eye for beauty. Meaning your skills, creativity and ability should be there already and via this profession you can able to use your creativity and capabilities. As you know, there are few professions that offer a lot of benefits. As a house designer you will have the fulfillment of making your dream into reality. It also allows you to meet and work with various people especially known personalities, since they are the common people who hire house designer or interior decorator. You can be your own boss because you have the time to work. You will not even feel that it is a serious job because you are enjoying your profession.

Important Qualities for Effective House Designer

  • Creativeness
  • Eye for Beauty
  • Determination
  • Loves working with different people


Since you are interested in a profession as house designer, chances are already have an eye for design. Meaning, when you look at a certain room, you already know what to do in order to make it look beautiful. But even if you already have that inborn talent, you still need to train in order to hone your skills. Look for superbly decorated interiors to review at. These designs are available in several design magazines or visiting various show rooms or open houses for sale in affluent neighborhood, offices, art galleries, historic homes as well as other areas.

Educate Yourself

Since an interior decorator or a house designer is expected to have knowledge about several elements that is involved in decoration and designing such as window treatments, wall coverings, floorings, styles of design, light and color as well as the right placements of various appliances and furniture in the house. All of these elements are very significant, so educate yourself via courses, websites, books, textbooks and other methods.

Most house designer get their first experience on designing and decorating by working on their own houses. Even a small room is already great for experimenting and using your creativity on designing. Just try to experiment various techniques, methods and styles. By this way your skills and capabilities will be honed. You also need to be open on several changes or trends of interior designing, so you need to be updated regularly.

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  • manoj said on December 16, 2012
    i am a mechanical engineer, i am interested to start small business like house designing.


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