Starting a Berry Farm

Starting a berry farm is an excellent idea in which you can derive additional income. It is also a wonderful activity that you can do as past time.

Likewise, you can have the chance to grow prolific amount of fruits that you can sell and for personal use.

Creating a berry farm is one way of starting a pick-your-own farm from scratch. Many farmers and hobbyists are engaging in such activity. If you have an acre of land where you can plant the desired amount of berries then wait no longer start now preparing the land. Make sure that the location of the farm is accessible to the population centers. The good point about creating your own berry farm is that you can personally sell the produce and the post-harvesting tasks are eliminated. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantage such as working for long hours and shoulder the liability insurance.

How to Raise the Berry Farm?

Raising the berry farm is self-sufficient regardless of the size of the land. It would not cost you much because you can grow the berries organically and pollination can be taken care of by the honey bees. However, you should select different varieties berries to be planted in your farm. The good thing about planting different varieties is that you will have the chance to harvest in different time and you will never run out of fresh fruit. You need also to purchase canes or vines that are within your budget.

In planting the berries it should be 12 to 18 apart the distance in the rows. The roots should be placed straight forward and the root ball is buried half while the remaining of the root ball is exposed. Make sure to plant only the enough amount of berry on the assigned land. Ensure that the soil in the area is has the right amount of pH and has good amount of sunlight. Likewise, the soil should be well drained. Once the berries are ready to harvest, you should be careful in picking as it is easily bruised. Pick the berries that are completely ripe by grasping the stem and pulling the fruit with a twisting motion. You should also be careful not to crush any plant while harvesting.

Advertising and Marketing Your Farm

The most important aspects of creating a berry farm are the location and appearance. Once you established your own farm you need to continue advertising and promoting the farm. The best way of promoting is through word-of-mouth. Aside from harvesting fresh fruits in the berry farm you can also make other products such as jam and jellies from your produce. This is not only an additional income to your family but also a good start in case you want to supply fresh fruits in other areas.


  • kerry purcell said on December 12, 2013
    have a seabuckthorn orchard in idaho, and am wanting to expand, and would like help and or investors, if interested please contact me, kerry
  • Amber Lee said on January 2, 2014
    I am thinking very seriously about starting a berry farm, with other fruit trees, herbs and veggies. I would like to have a store for product on the property also, This property I am thinking of purchasing is 225 acres in Dayton, Nevada . I am not a farmer , but this is something my husband and I have been talking about doing for years. I am just starting my research on this and how I would go about getting licensing and if clients are allowed to visit the property and entertainment, store etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • Roy Edwards said on January 11, 2014
    I am interested in starting a Goji berry farm on my land in North Florida but surprisingly I can't find any information on successful growers in North America. If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  • Edward Mase said on August 16, 2017
    Where can I get information to start a Schizandra farm here in the U.S. Thank you


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