Hog Farming

Hog farming can really be an interesting hobby to take and moreover a worthwhile way to earn a considerable amount of income. In this article, we share to you the most important things that you should bear in mind if you plan on starting your own hog farm.

When you finish reading the article, you would then realize the proper steps to get started.

hog farming

To raise pigs can be done as a small scale operational business to render family meat and even supplement additional income. In time, you can also turn it into a large scale operation business. The pigs can be raised in indoor setting that is highly controlled or you can keep them in the usual barn setting. Here are some of the most important aspects that you should consider including in your hog farming business:

The Choice of Piglets

Pigs come in a wide range of breeds and some of them have specific needs when it comes to the environment that they prefer, whether it is going to be outdoors or indoors. The crossbred pigs are the ones who grow in a faster rate. When you buy a feeder, you must select the big and healthy ones whose weight is at least 25 pounds. If you will choose a male pig, you must get the castrated ones. They should be immunized and ask for additional health information and stocks of the breed type of the pig you chose.

The Right Nutrition for the Pigs

Pigs can be fed normally on meat and some grains. You can also feed them with scraps of your cooked table food instead of just throwing them away. But their most common food would be corn and if you want them to have a high protein diet, you must fill it with cooked meat and soybeans. If you would supply them with vitamins and other pig supplements, then all the more that they can grow faster. The piglets also have higher protein requirements compared to the mature types. You can buy their feeds in bulk and make sure that they drink about two to four gallons a day.

Proper Housing

They need the right kind of housing for them to always keep warm during the cold season and offer them enough shelter when it is very hot. They are very sensitive to heat and can even die from heat stress. When you house it in indoors, the conditions of the temperature should also be properly regulated. When you keep them in controlled temperature conditions, you help in maximizing their growth. You can also house them in solo stalls or maybe in groups in pens. Even if you would raise them outdoors, you must still provide them with shelter to have enough space for their food and bed.


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