How to Start a Sustainable Farm

Sustainable farm is a sort of conventional farming. The good thing about this agricultural ecosystem is that you can make it even in your own place like backyard.

This kind of farming is environmentally friendly.

Starting a sustainable farm is a noble decision. It is because this alternative farming uses organic, biodynamic and biological methods as criteria of sustainability. Farmers using this method of farming use all natural way of farming such as crop rotation, using of animal manures as fertilizers, mechanical cultivation as well as biological pest control. The biological way of controlling pests is done to maintain the soil productivity, control of insects and weds as well as supply nutrients in plants. The practice of sustainable farming allows you to pick the food you want just in time. Instead of buying foods in the market, you can easily pick the crop you want to cook from your backyard. However, there are some factors that you should know before you decide of making your own sustainable farm.


The first thing that farmers should do when starting a sustainable farm is to prepare the land. Usually, there is no limit on the land area you want to cultivate in growing crops. However, sustainable farmers ideally use small mixed plots. This concept helps in keeping the soil fertility as well as pest control. Before starting to plant, you need to plan and determine the right crop that you will grow in each plot. This will help you obtain a systematic crop rotation. In addition, you should cultivate the land that you can afford to manage. Keep in mind that maintaining a sustainable farm would require you to devote your time and effort.


Another thing to take into consideration when planning a sustainable farm is to choose the crops that you will grow. It is a rule of thumb to grow individual crop in each plot. Determine the plant suitable for the season. While waiting for the harvest period, you should plan ahead for the next set of crops that you will plant. As much as possible you grow different crops each season. Likewise, avoid planting the same crops in the same plot. This would damage the soil fertility and used up the nutrients in the soil.

In growing the plants, make sure not to use fertilizers that contain harmful chemicals. Keep in mind that sustainable farming uses only natural organic fertilizers. It is because the commercial fertilizers can damage the fertility of the soil. In like manner, sustainable farming encourages farmers not to use artificial hormones. The popularity of creating sustainable farm is due to the demand of many people to eat foods that are healthfully and environmentally-friendly grown. Even large agribusiness companies were attracted to invest in this kind of farming.

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