How to Start a Kettle Corn Business

Delicious and nutritious snacks of all kinds are always hip for people from all walks of life especially if they are doing things which they love on their spare time. Since watching movies has been one of the favorite pastimes of families, kettle corns are very much demanded. If you would like to earn extra money this month, you can consider opening up your own kettle corn business.

In order for you to secure your edge in this kind of business, you will only need a little effort and capital.

The things you will need in this kind of business are the following: safety gear, trailer, tent, supplies, salt, sugar, oil, popcorn, cooker, vendor permit, food permit and liability insurance. To make sure that you will not face any health related complaints in this type of business, you need to contact the health department. By doing this, you will have knowledge regarding the heath codes and regulations. Do you prefer to have a kettle corn mobile business? Then a county clearance is what you need. But before being granted with the clearance, you must first have the following: liability insurance, vendor permit and business permit.

Starting a Kettle Corn Business

You also need to buy a tent which measures 10x10 ft for your business. In order for your equipment to be moved, you also need a trailer or a truck. For more customers to get attracted to your business, you must also show your creativity by decorating the tent with colorful balloons, signs and banners.

The kettle corn cooker that you will buy must also be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). For faster cooking, you must be careful in choosing your kettle corn cooker so pick the deep one. You also need to consider the mobility and weight of your cooker so that you will be very productive.

Aside from the cooker, of course you also need to buy supplies that are needed by your business. To make sure that you will be safe while you cook the kernel corn, you need to have the following: corn scooper, tables, popped corn sifting bin, paper towels, fire extinguisher, cleaning products, cash drawer, propane tanks, wooden paddles, hand-washing station, plastic bags that is custom-printed, aprons, gloves, covered shoes, face masks, goggles and long-sleeved shirts.

Next, you need to purchase the kettle corn ingredients. In order for you to cut costs, you must know the right place where you will purchase them. By doing this, you will have a chance to earn more profit while saving more of your bills.

To make sure that your business will be a hit, you also need to set up your shop at the following places: grand openings of stores, busy intersections, gas stations, farmers' markets, family and zoo farms, retail spots, car shows, sports events, concerts, festivals and craft shows.


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