How to Fence a Farm

Fences on farms come in various types. It would be your budget and the kind of animals you prefer to contain that will state the kind of fence you will be using. The common fences which most farmers make use of are post and wire.

In order for you to get started, the following are some of the things which you need to have: fencing staples, tape measure, string, posthole digger, shovel, level, fence pliers, hammer, wood marker stakes, smooth or barbed fence wire and T-posts.

Fencing the farm comes in six parts such as orienting the pasture, choosing the materials, setting corner posts, setting fence posts, stringing the wire and wiring gates. In all these parts, you need to make sure that everything has its exact measurement. In order for you to do this, you must use the right tools for measurement.

Tips on How to Fence a Farm

In the orienting the pasture part, you must measure on how you want the gates to fence around your property. Next, you have to identify the corners of the farm. In order for you to secure that your animals will be guarded, you have to make sure that everything has exact measurements compatible with the others. You also need to identify if what shape your farm will be having. Will it be square or rectangle? In this aspect, you need to see first what your animals need. If you think that a rectangle will make a perfect fit, then go for it but you have to set a certain stake for a corner post that is close to the barn or gate that will serve as a starting point. In this aspect, you will need a high-quality measurement tool once again.

In the aspect of choosing the materials which you will use, you need to purchase those that have high quality construction. If you failed to choose one, you will lose all your property if the animals can escape on your farm. You have several kinds of fence to decide upon such as posts, rails, wires, field fences, corner posts and railroad ties. Another proven material that has the capability to reinforce your fence is no other than the electric wire. But since this needs more equipment such as charger, insulator and special wire, you will be spending more.

In choosing the kind of corner posts which you will use, you must also have several considerations first such as the price and quality. In the actual setting of the corner posts, you must make sure that everything will have exact measurements because in just one false move you make, this is equivalent to losing your entire livelihood.

The number of posts must also be determined because this will strengthen the fence of your farm. In stringing the wire, make sure that they are properly placed so that not even a single animal can escape from your boundaries.


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