How to Start a CSA Farm

Do you want to know the process on how you can start your own CSA farm? Then you don’t have to worry because it is just an easy thing to do. Because the world today is experiencing a major problem in the environment, the fame of gas prices and local foods are on the rise.

To be environmentally aware, the producers in the entire country are engaging themselves in forming Community Supported Agriculture farms and gardens also known as CSA.

The aim of this is to unite the consumers and farmers in a beneficial relationship. As the buyers benefit from fresh local foods, the farmers also benefit from a committed and loyal customer base. If you are a producer, you need to check out the succeeding tips on how you can successfully start a CSA farm.

In order for you to be a learned producer, you must conduct more research about Community Supported Agriculture in the Internet because there are lots of sites therein dedicated to giving you the knowledge you need. You can also visit farms near you and talk with other producers to check out more sources for local food. Most of the time, demand is more than supply and growers are also willing to aid you in starting up your own CSA farm.

The next thing you need to consider is your readiness and capability to produce a right amount of food for supporting the customer base. Since you are just starting, it is alright to stay small in the beginning and you can also decide the amount of shares you are going to offer. Before you launch our CSA, it would be much better if you would spend your time in selling and practicing at certain farmer markets first. It is also important for you to decide on choosing the offers of your CSA. By doing this, you will be focusing your niche into something which you are really familiar of. Upon starting your very own CSA, you must delve deep into focusing on the foods which you want the share holders to receive.

After that, you need to have a payment schedule and contract for all the members of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). In order for you to do this successfully, you can look at some of the sample contracts of the Farm to Farm Legal Defence Fund.

When all things have been said and done, the next thing to do is publicize your CSA. In the farmer’s market, you can hand out your cards and you must also get listed at EatWild and LocalHarvest.
To make sure that your CSA will stand the test of time in the industry, you must sustain an excellent relationship with all the CSA members. Don’t forget to be friendly and wear your sweet smile to all the buyers of your production.


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