Starting Blackberry Growing Business

Blackberry growing business could be an excellent entrepreneurial opportunity for anyone who loves growing these trees.

Growing blackberries can be a great concept for a business. This is something that might not sound like a revolutionary idea for an aspiring entrepreneur but if you will look at it closely, you will find out that this one has huge potentials and you can definitely make big earnings out of it.

To begin with, you can sell the fruits to companies and other businesses that are making blackberry pies and tarts, blackberry jams, blackberry juice and other similar products. Blackberry leaves are also in demand in the market because of its high vitamin C content. At the same time, these leaves could also be made as a tisan so this should really be that useful.

Many years ago, blackberries can be gathered from wild brambles but times have definitely changed these days. Car pollution, for example, have become one of the main hindrances for that so its not really advisable to pick blackberry fruits on the road side or even in the middle of rural fields.

Again, for those who wants to start a blackberry growing business, you have to know that these trees are easy to cultivate but the challenge comes when you would need to make your preparations for it and when you need to watch and care for it so that the trees would grow healthy.

Initially, your concern should be to find the right location where you could start planting, keeping in mind that blackberries flourish in areas where it is warm and well-ventilated at the same time. On top of that, you have to make sure that you would have it exposed to an area where the trees get at least 8 hours of sunlight.

Additionally, you should also pick the right location and make it a point that the one you find should provide plenty of growing space. Now the reason for this is that blackberry trees grow in different sizes so you should have some free space for that. For example, there are blackberries that grow upward while there are also others that grow in a way that it widely spans across an area so you should anticipate that in advance.

Once you have already selected the area, that doesn’t mean that you should start planting blackberries right away. In fact, you would have to wait for at least a year before you can start planting. You would need to start removing some weeds and sods and also to increase the soil’s level when it comes to potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. This can be done using active fertilization. Another useful tip for this is that you should never plant in areas where eggplants, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes have been planted in the past. This is definitely important for you to prevent verticilium wilt, as they call it.

Of course, there are still many things to consider when you are thinking of establishing your own blackberry growing business. Again, this type of industry really has a lot of potential for profit since we all know how huge the demands for blackberries are these days.


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