How to Start Massage Therapy Business

The massage therapy business can be a great business that you can own. Now you will know more things on how to start massage therapy business from this article.

Having your own massage therapy business can already assure you of great income and regular demands. As a venturing entrepreneur, you will see that this can be a very rewarding career that can become big.

Financial rewards are already expected in this kind of business if you know how to effectively start and run it. Armed with your passion in the massage therapy business together with your talents and capital, you are now ready to melt those muscles with your magic touch in running this business. You may think it is difficult but it is not. By knowing the secrets in getting it done effectively, you can say you can be the next big entrepreneur in this industry.

It can be an advantage if you have some knowledge or the right ability to give a massage. First of all, you have to be familiar with the business you are going to take. If you are really passionate about having this business, you have to research about the different kinds of massage and what kinds of massage therapy will you offer. With a start up business like this, you can at least have two to three types of massage offered. As your business grows and as you start expanding your space and increase the number of your equipments, you may add other services or massage types. Remember that the more massage styles that you know and offer, the more you can attract clients. You can have the choice of practicing your skills through trainings but this is optional.

Choose a perfect location for your business. You have to make sure that it is very accessible and that more people can see it or pass by it. Find a spot where there is great foot traffic such as intersections, malls, and busy streets. The strategy here is to be in the shoes of the prospective customers. We must know where they are, where they usually hang out, and how they try to find the service that we offer. By doing this, we can find the perfect location for our massage therapy business.

Once you become ready with the services and the location, you can now think of a company name and start registering it. Estimate the cost of the permits and licenses that you need to comply with and start obtaining them. You can do this by visiting your local or state government units.

Sensuality is one important part of the service that you are offering. With your key equipments such as beds, they have to be comfortable and clean. The ambiance must be serene and calm. Music and lighting must be carefully controlled to make a great ambiance of relaxation. Waiting areas and the front desk must also agree with the desired comfortable atmosphere.

Hire highly-skilled staff and make sure that they are properly screened. Have remarkable advertisement and you are now ready to open your massage therapy business.


  • atul said on April 10, 2011
    I am having Degree in Ayurvedic Massage Therapy & having experience in Clinical Massage- patient like paralysis, etc. Please send me the ideas that I can do as freelance Masseur in corporate field. Thanks & regards.
  • Jodi Scholes beginner adviser said on September 20, 2011
    Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland. Hello Atul, In the USA to practice massage a national license is required as well as a state license where you live. and can give you details. Once those are complete many opportunities exist in the massage field. In the corporate field you may be able to do seated chair massage in the workplace. Event massage is also an opportunity such as health fairs and trade shows. Those events gain access to decision makers who could hire for other events or regular visits to their workplace. Good luck!!
  • dharmen yadav said on July 13, 2013
    kindly inform me about opportunities for same business in india (NCR). also inform about the investments and licenses required.


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