Start Your Own Spinach Farm

Certain factors are crucial in making spinach farming sought after. Some of you may like frozen greens in winters. You would feel the ascent and have momentous moments then. Happiness redoubles when you pick a bag and have fruits that literally get frozen by the time they are shifted into other places.

Spinach farming is noticed for many benefits. You don’t bother about keeping vegetables safe in the winter season.

Whenever you start your spinach farm make sure that harvesting process is started in the wee hours. Early harvesting in the morning hour particularly if climatic condition is hot and weather doesn’t favor you then spinach requires more care for having great flavor. Furthermore, special care has to be taken in harvesting greens. This would be more appropriate when you take interest in it and implement above mentioned factors in the peak maturity of spinach.

A new starter of spinach farm has to ascertain firmness, straightness and minus lumpy situation in this farming. Once harvesting phase completes be prompt in farming. Having adequate arrangement of cooling facility like fridges and icing system assure you of having best quality spinaches meant for good use.

Spinach Farm Timing

A bit of uncertainty is always there in spinach faming due to the nature of this product. A farmer has to understand many such aspects including not forgetting climatic conditions that would be a challenge in farming or decorating orchard. When you do so for business purpose and look for monetary gain then plan must go mature – to have total benefit. Weather, heavy picking and not so variegated business conditions may always affect production of these crops and productivity.

How to Farm Spinach?

Both planning and pre-planning are the key factors that make spinach farming grand success? Be prudent and apply mind in farming spinach. Incorporate some of the recommendations of agricultural scientists which are crucial even before you make plan to collect seeds for this purpose. One more important aspect is ensuring that seeds used for plantation haven’t been hybrid, so is the case with terminator seeds that solve such purpose.

Care Since Beginning

Certain level of care has to be done since beginning itself. The important factor is avoidance of hybrid seeds. If you are not serious about it and choose any ordinary one the very first problem will be reproduction with least qualitative variety which you didn’t desire. Getting varieties too can’t be a fulfillment of your dream if the varieties are limited. It is therefore important not to have any terminator seed for this purpose because they don’t get germinated suitably. Always go for open pollinated, heirloom or organic seeds when starting your spinach farm and are preparing your team of farmers to give this attempt a complete business look.


  • santosh said on March 3, 2011
    i am planning to start a emu farm. so i need some information about kindly send me the details to my mail id- so i am thinking to start at bagalkot . karnataka,india, you can also can contact me to this no-9945199216
  • Manjunath P said on August 22, 2011
    I would like to grow spinach in our land which is around 120kms away from bangalore, Please guide regarding the same.
  • David Mbugua goro said on October 3, 2012
    i leave in kiambu, Kenya how is spinach grown and which months are best suited for growing spinach.
  • Lucy Nachaki said on March 22, 2013
    Hi. I leave in Kakamega, Kenya. I am interested in starting to grow spinach on a small scale, which are the best months for better production? which seeds, fertilizer and how to avoid any infections that can cause damage.
  • Sabelo Gamedze said on September 3, 2013
    Thanks for the correction, i am in Swaziland, Siphofaneni, temperatures range from 10 to 30 degrees i have a 2 to 3 hector land, i am looking for companies to supply in African countries especially those in comesa. I am also looking for seeds suppliers. Best regards
  • Gillian Wales said on April 22, 2015
    Good day I am interested in cabbage and spinach farming. Can you please send me more details. Thank you. Regards Gillian
  • Mukesh said on December 3, 2016
    I am hard working garlic crops but no success in garlic please process me
  • michael said on August 23, 2017
    I have started small scale spinach farming, now I'm experiencing a problem with birds they are eating my spinach, isn't there any thing that I can maybe spray on the garden to keep birds away?
  • lazarus said on March 21, 2018
    Good day, i have started a small spinach farming, i am selling it trough my community and other places so I need more details of how to make it grow big
  • Verda Wood said on March 22, 2020
    Hello, my name is Verda Wood, and I am incredibly interested in starting a spinach farm. I grow this vegetable in my backyard and have now taken a serious interest in this vegetable. Please help me with any necessary information on how to grow this vegetable on another scale.
  • ayanda said on September 27, 2020
    Hello, my name is Ayanda Makhanya, and I am only 14 years, but. I just started growing spinach, and by next month I think I will be able to start selling it.
  • Julia said on November 29, 2021
    Hi, I'm Julia. I have a small spinach garden in my yard, but I plan to grow it to make a living out of it. It started as a hobby, but now I can feel that it's something that I love and leave out of it. I need advice on how to grow it and turn it into a business.


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