Start Your Own Horse Breeding Business

There are business that requires a lot of hard work to be successful, though it is really a requirement to all of the businesses today but of course there are those who can withstand with simple management and basic skills.

You may not be familiar with horse breeding business because there are only few who attempt to try their luck with this kind of business.

To start your own horse breeding business you need to familiarize some things that may lead you to success.

As mentioned above starting your own business requires hard work, if you want to earn million of dollars you need to be patient enough and take your chance in starting your own horse breeding business.

In preparing to start your own horse breeding business, you need to have a lot of courage and have enough money to keep you going. This is not an ordinary business just like the others, it differs on its fees, boarding and confirmed bloodlines that is often necessitate contracts, insurance.

This kind of business can give you a lot of money if you know how to do it right. You need to be prepared because breeding business usually takes a lot of trial and error but once you have learn the strategy on this business, success is just a few steps away.

You have to learn the terms and things that go around your horse breeding business. Learn more about breeding, genetics and the operation of breeding activities. But of course you need to suit yourself and learn some basic things about the business. Take some time to learn basic skills by being an apprentice or a worker in a breeding operation. You can also try enrolling on your local universities that offer breeding study. An experience on an equine veterinarian’s office is an edge especially during foaling and breeding season.

Prior to your plan with breeding business, you need to identify which type of horse you want to breed. You can do a research which type of breed can give you a lot of money. Research which and how to breed a certain type of horse and see which market provide the bloodlines of a breeding horse.

Look for a place that is large enough to allocate more space for future expansion. It usually requires huge acreage to maintain a group of foals, stallion and broodmares. Learn how to maintain a clean and safe barn to support pregnant mares. You may want to consider an access to a local veterinarians or equine medical facilities to provide your horse with medical care.

In choosing a horse to begin your breeding business, look for those who have proven broodmares and stallions who have already produced champion horses. This is the best way to start your own horse breeding business. But of course, you need trustworthy employees that are knowledgeable enough in breeding and foaling.

As a summary, written below are the things you need to start your horse breeding business:

  • Proven mares
  • Proven stallion(s)
  • Barns
  • Acreage
  • Experienced workers
  • Nearby medical care center for your horse

Lastly, fees and contracts for the stud, mare owners must consider lots of things like some issues regarding their mare, they need to understand that there are times that horses do not want to mate due to old age, stress or simply lack of interest. And for mares that are prone to miscarriage. The owner needs to see all these issues prior to paying stud fees for a stallion.


  • jacky said on August 4, 2010
    Elunchun town, Hulunbeier city, Inner Mongolia, China. I want to start my horse breeding business but i do not have enough knowledge about horse breeding. So i desperately need your help. Thank you!
  • Kyne said on January 7, 2011
    cape town, South Africa, Western Cape. i want to start my own breeding business however do not have enough knowledge or money to go about this. are there ways in which one can start looking at my circumstances? how much do i need to start? regards, kyne
  • Jerry Wang said on February 8, 2011
    I have a dog breeding business in san diego california, and i would love to breed horses someday, so if anyone is looking for partners please hit me up, i'm a chinese american, fluent in both languages, ucsd biochemistry:pharmacology major. contact me at, or
  • karamjit sandhu said on April 12, 2011
    i want to start horse ridding club in patiala.. but dont know much about this ....i want help of punjabis or indians who can help me to do this or want to be a partner plz contact me on ma email id kskaramjitsandhu@gmail.or on ma cell no 9592206737
  • Carole Doggrell said on January 31, 2012
    We own a thoroughbred stud in the Western Cape, South Africa. We have over thirty years experience breeding horses and our stock have run with distinction in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Hong Kong. We are passionate and committed, dedicated to breeding the best individuals we can and our motto is breeding for excellence. The farm is solvent, established and a viable concern. We are looking for a like-minded investor who loves horses, breeding and racing to accompany us on our journey. Investment needed to buy new mares and upgrade stock. We have a proven track record, and have topped sales with our yearlings on several occasions. Please contact if interested on
  • Nathan said on May 19, 2012
    Yea I own a stud horse who is a grand colt of cutter bill a famous cutting horse from the 1950s an I'm trying to get a stud service started my horses name is cutter Bill gold he is a golden pal amino stud very well mannered an calm natured please contact my by email or bye phone 337-580-6143. Ask for Seth. I'm charging 200 a breed thanks
  • Solomon addison said on July 31, 2012
    I need help by helping me get a in ghana, accra and i stay at tema. house/no k45 i want to in a farm which consist of horses and more.
  • jaswinder said on November 22, 2012
    i want to start my business in horse breeding, maintain n then sale it 9711089923
  • Collins said on November 28, 2013
    Hello, am Collins from Ghana.. I am planning to start a horse breeding enterprise soon. I have done the dog breeding before and it yielded a lot of money.. I need help with where to buy a medically fit horse in Ghana,, would prefer Plain WHITE, BLACK OR BROWN COLOR HORSES.. Any information on this will be welcomed and appreciated, my contact number is +233543643046
  • Verlynn said on February 12, 2014
    Hi, my name is verlynn and I had a dream since I was a little boy that I want a stud farm. I want to know where can I find an investor to help me fund this business. I've find a place where I can board the horses that covers fouling, vet, spelling and pre training. I also know which company to use to insure my horses. I really want my dream to become a reality and I love horse racing. I'm from South Africa, Cape Town and there is a mare and weanling sale coming up in May. I've already gone through the catalog and know which brood mares I want. I think starting with 2 for now will be good. So please if anyone can help I would really appreciate it. This is my dream and my life. Email me


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