Start Your Own Casket Manufacturing Business

Other businesses lose customers when there is a natural calamity, high crime rate or pandemic disease, right? But no matter what kind of tragedies strike, caskets will always be in demand.

With this kind of demand, coupled with your entrepreneurial skills, you can definitely have success in starting a casket manufacturing business. We can help you get started now.

As an entrepreneur, you can manufacture economical, standard, or luxury caskets to supply the poor and rich people with quality products. There are no royalty fees payable and no previous experience in woodworking is needed.

Casket Manufacturing Business Guide

To start your own casket manufacturing business, you need to take note of the following guide:

  • List down the machinery and tools you need for manufacturing. The price of materials would depend on the type of caskets you want to create. All caskets are made from different lining, handles, etc.
  • Also list the suppliers of wood. Different types of wood used in caskets include Imbuia, Oregon pine, Oak, etc.
  • Use different casket templates and take note of the safety aspects and labor law compliance of your manufacturing plant.
  • Caskets can also be customized depending on the specifications of the customer. Learn how to widen or deepen the casket as well as paint it in different techniques.
  • Various suppliers of decorations or upholstery inside the casket are needed to offer a wide range of products to your customers.
  • Transportation of caskets to be delivered to your customers should also be planned.

Marketing Casket Manufacturing Business

Definitely, this type of business has competitors in the market. That is why it’s important to study how to market your casket manufacturing business in the beginning. To gain knowledge about this industry, you can attend trainings or lectures, read books, or interview some previous owners. Free community advertising is available if you look around for it. In addition, delegation of sales function is important so that you can concentrate solely on running the business.

A step-by-step business plan is also necessary to guide you on how to market your business. Here are a few samples of the things you need to include:

  • Research on your market, calculate the material and production cost to make every type of casket, and determine your selling price. Also check out the competition.
  • Find a customer base for your caskets such as a private market or a funeral parlor.
  • Market your caskets to different cultures. This means that you can sell to different types of customers having various customs and beliefs.
  • Finally, learn about methods on how to grow your sales and increase your profits without losing the quality of your work. This will keep your customers satisfied and loyal to you.



  • Bhavesh Gohil said on December 28, 2009
    How to start a manufacturing regarding wooden made item & its sales. Mumbai, Maharastra, India.
  • kevin said on January 15, 2010
    Sounds like a great idea.
  • Maria da Luz said on January 27, 2010
    This articles seems to be very helpful for beginners, thanks for the ride. For anyone who like to Explore the China made casket, coffin and funeral supplies for Spanish, Latin Countries & EU countries, we, Procelanex Limited will be here to provide servicing from OEM manufacturing to Logistics.
  • jurrri lesenyeho said on February 15, 2010
    i have some of machine and a place to work from the problem is that i do not have more money to expand my work so i need finance to operate so please help. i live in free state province (vredefort)
  • Jaco Hugo said on April 28, 2010
    I have all the capital and space to start the business, I need someone who has the experience in making Coffins and Caskets. Contact me on 073 845 7173 or email me at
  • Mboni Tshifhango said on October 4, 2010
    We are looking for a casket and coffins supplier in Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga, Please e-mail us the price list and any info that can help before we meet to discuss business relation
  • Elwyn said on October 19, 2010
    If your information on Coffin and Casket Manufacturing, I know of a company in Randfontein, South Africa that can train you to start and run your own coffin and casket manufacturing business. Go to their website at:
  • Dennis Pienaar said on November 5, 2010
    I can help Mr Mboni Tshifango with casket and coffins supply, situated in Heidelberg Gauteng. We deliver to destinations required.
  • Zachbon Funeral Suppier said on June 20, 2011
    Pretoria,South Africa.I want 2 start manufacturing caskets and coffins and with experienced people and machines.I m looking 4 finance or a person with good finance to partner with.I can manufacture up 30 caskets or 50 coffins a day.Pls help by contacting me on 0842964273. Zacharia
  • LAZARUS TSHABALALA said on July 8, 2011
    I have just bought a factory that manufacture ordinary coffins,but I want to expand my product and do pine and caskets.I have the required machinery and the place is being build as we speak.My main problem is finance to finish up the building and start at my new place because at the moment I am renting a place and paying R30,000.00 a month in rental.I just need a loan of R450,000.00 as soon as possible.
  • d.reid said on September 11, 2011
    Greetings i have reviewed each objectives from your profiles i'm interested in exploring a mfg / partnership funding is available immediately. There is some restrictions may apply. However i am available at 419-407-7071 anytime. I look forward unto our endeavors being productive.
  • mia said on June 4, 2012
    I am in Rhode Island and would like to explore a potential opportunity for a small showroom and perhaps catalogs to display and sell coffins at a great savings to the general public. thank you in advance for any input. Warm regards
  • morgan stevens said on July 17, 2012
    i am very keen on starting my own coffin manufacturing business, has anybody got any useful tips for me please??
  • Hartman Rolle said on July 23, 2012
    Hello I am interested in finding cost for operation equipment for casket manufacturing. I reside in the Bahamas.
  • Omeca said on July 27, 2012
    Mesa Best Agency, I have Oak trees for sell to build caskets. Let us talk and decide a good demand price to do good business international or USA. Ms. Best 908-251-5143.... New Jersey
  • richard said on July 31, 2012
    I am in the coffin and casket building industry for a funeral home in trinidad. I got years of experience in building and upholstering.
  • Augusto A. Pau said on August 8, 2012
    I would like to try the casket manufacturing business but I don't have any experience in this field. Could you please guide me on how to start this business. I would like to know how much will be the required investment for both metal and wooden casket. I reside in Cavite, Philippines.
  • Tebello said on October 25, 2012
    Hi I am a woman and need help from experienced people who are already in the coffin and casket manufacturing. I trained in 2011 but I have not started the business because of finance and manpower where do I start? I am very passionate about this business.
  • thabi said on November 6, 2012
    I would like to start manufacturing coffins, where can I go for training? I am in South Africa Gauteng
  • colin said on January 11, 2013
    if anyone knows about any plastic coffin and casket manufacturing companies in and around gauteng looking to buy plastic cremation coffins/caskets please contact me on 082 875 8213. kind regards colin
  • lenox mohlala said on January 19, 2013
    Hi my name is lenox I'm looking train for casket after I start my own business. I come from lempopo town burgersfort village river cross
  • GERALD said on January 26, 2013
  • Archibold said on February 27, 2013
    Hi i am Archibold i want to start coffin business ,any one who knows where to buy equipment ;machine' please call me on this 0826481795 i stay plk
  • connie said on March 24, 2013
    hi, i want to start my own casket company, where can i buy the machines - and where can i get training? thanks
  • Kgosi said on March 31, 2013
    I have no experiece in manufacturing but would like go make coffins. I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I got the relevant qualifications
  • pam pao said on April 18, 2013
    i have caskets of all sizes and prices i am looking for people to buy and supply them to those interested meaning i am looking for buyers, if you are interested urgently contact my sales manager at 13124978976 Mr. phill.
  • Matlakala Kenneth said on May 7, 2013
    Skilled in cabinet making, need a space & financial assistance to start manufacturing wooden furniture around burgersfort Limpopo.
  • lenox mohlala said on May 9, 2013
    Hi need to start business casket and coffin I need money 400,000 please help me my contact 0829764440 I come from lempopo
  • HENRY JORDAAN said on May 17, 2013
    I would like to distribute coffins & caskets in the Eastern cape. Are there manufacturers out there to make price lists and catalogs available. Note i am not a funeral parlour, i just want to distribute .I can be contacted on e-mail address ( or cell 0798731333.
  • Chokoe Casmas said on September 8, 2013
    Hi, i have seen a potential to operate a coffin manufacturing in a small town. Linmpopo. I need a serious partner to start. With proper market research and a good business plan we can get finance and start.
  • Stephen Donkor said on October 8, 2013
    Hi i am a Ghanaian and i reside in the nations capital Accra. I have a passion for Wood Art Works with specialty in CASKET building of different forms. Aside my passion for this job i have six years of professional training and four and half years of continues practice and experience. In my quest therefore to have an international recognition and exposure of my works i deem it fit to advertise what i can do to the world. Interested international companies who need my services should contact me via an email or call me on 233 244107364, and lets me in and display my inborn talent in Casket building.
  • MONGEZI said on October 25, 2013
    Hello . We are planning to start a Coffin and Casket Manufacturing Business. We need help with the following from existing coffin manufactures :
    1. Price List of various coffins and caskets( with pictures and type of wood used - if possible )
    2. List of suppliers for Wood , Decorations , Handles etc
    3. Advise or a sample business plan that we can use to request funding
    4. List of the most essential/critical tools that we will need to start this business
  • TSEPO Francis said on November 9, 2013
    Hi Stephen Donko Can u please send me your Email to or call me at 0735217352. Tsepo
  • Chris Barnard said on November 24, 2013
    I want to sell my casket and coffin manufacturing business in Mpumalanga South Africa. Business comes with highly trained staff and machinery as well as existing customers. My price is R400 000.00 cash. This business is growing daily. Contact me vai e-mail:
  • Mbuyiselo Daniel Johnson said on December 14, 2013
    Looking for an investor or one who wants to buy in. Need funds to start the coffin and casket manufacturing business. Pls email for discussions
  • Keagan Blumears said on January 1, 2014
    Hi all. I have a casket manufacturing business that i have started in Harare Zimbabwe. There is huge potential for growth and a great demand for them. If any one would be interested in investing in the business or in a position to offer me a loan for an agreed period at an agreed interest rate, that would be of great help. Please contact me.My number is 00263 772 342 970.
  • masese said on February 7, 2014
    hi, i want to start a casket and coffin manufacturing business in Lesotho, i only have land so i need some funds. please contact (OO266) 5921 6331 or 5905 7119
  • akhona xinwa said on March 11, 2014
    We are a co op starting tga c coffin man business we we need sum assistance with training and calculating material
  • musa said on August 7, 2014
    hi, there kindly help me i want to start a coffin and caskets manufacturing business in mpumalanga. exiting company kindly help; with the relevant equipments list eg. Machines, list off woods that are needed, business plan and funding proposal and list of coffin and price list. your respond will highly appreciated, my email :
  • Busi said on August 15, 2014
    Hi, my name is Busi. I am a young black woman from Bisho in the Eastern Cape. I have partnered with a carpenter and we have a piece of land. We would like to start a casket making business. We need training and funding. Please can you contact me if you are able to assist us. 0742466810
  • leonie said on October 10, 2014
    hi i would like to start making my own casket business can you please assist me i am staying in douglas in the northan cape
  • Diana Cowan said on January 9, 2015
    I would like to start my business selling coffins. I live in El Paso Texas across the border to Mexico. I need a little help to start my business.
  • Jessie Lujan said on January 21, 2015
    I am just starting a Casket manufacturing business in New Mexico i have everything i need except the clients if anyone on here would like to buy caskets email me @ good luck to all of you :)
  • Micky said on January 21, 2015
    Hi. I'm looking for anybody who knows how to make coffin around durban. If wake wasebenza lana ekwakhiwa khona amabhokisi asxoxe nge business my number is 0744312012
  • Resul said on May 30, 2015
    hi everybody, I am manufacturer of coffin casket in Turkey. If you need coffin casket i could send you. My e-mail address
  • Ophola Siwundla said on July 10, 2015
    Will someone please provide me with a list of machinery and tools needed to start a coffin and casket business. I would also appreciate an estimate figure for a start up (machinery, tools and material) included. My email is
  • Mondesa said on July 12, 2015
    Hi all. I'm Monesa in Western Cape, I'm looking for information wrt the casket manufacturing. I'm intend venturing in that business next year, at the moment I'm busy with a research. I would appreciate your assistance in that matter. Email it to
  • Booker.B Mashiga said on July 25, 2015
    Hi, I am planning to start casket manufacturing industry in mpumalanga next to bronkhorspruit and looking for a partner with capital. More than twenty Plans for casket designs are already drawn by me as professional architect. Operation plan for manufacturing and supply is complete. My objectives is to supply funeral palours. Contact me at 0734031088 for more discussions.
  • Booker.B Mashiga said on July 25, 2015
    sorry the given phone numbers are incorrect, please use 0724031088
  • Noel Cartwright said on September 22, 2015
    Hi, my name is Noel Cartwright, I would like to manufacture metal and wood caskets I currently make wood caskets I can use your assistance. Can you contact me please 1-242-359-1963
  • Noel Cartwright said on September 22, 2015
    I live in St Andrews Beach city of Nassau In the Bahamas
  • Shirley Mawela said on May 25, 2016
    Am Shirley from Jane-Furse in Limpopo, am eagerly interested in coffin and casket manufacturing business. I need a training center where i can train longer than a month maybe 3 months as many seems to be just 5 days training, preferably in Gauteng.
  • Marico Williams said on June 12, 2016
    Hey I am interested in starting A casket manufacturing company. I was interested in mainly metal caskets. Can you provide me with a list of machinery needed and the prices. Thank you!
  • Anoop Kumar said on October 7, 2016
    Hello everybody, My name is Anoop Kumar, I am an Indian citizen and I run my Own Coffin and Casket manufacturing business here in Indian. I am looking for someone who would be interested in being a Dealer for coffins in South Africa and other countries. With a small investment there is a huge scope of high monthly income. If somebody is interested in investing plz write me on
  • Mandla said on November 1, 2016
  • Lunga said on December 20, 2016
    Hi my name is Lunga, I'm interested in coffin manufacturing business, located in the western cape, anyone who is willing to provide me with B-plan can kindly contact me on my email address I'm willing to provide or exchange information on business issues
  • Bruno said on May 21, 2017
    Hi please assist I am looking at manufacturing my own coffins and caskets please assist with prices for tools machines and start-up
  • Louis said on September 5, 2017
    i would like to start up my own Coffin Manufacturing business and combine it with a Funeral Parlour. Anybody interested in making a small investment maybe even a Joint venture, please drop me a mail. I am in the free state region. Kind Regards, Louis
  • Roy said on May 24, 2018
    I would like to export coffins to outside Lebanon and we believe that our quality and prices have competitive advantage in Europe market and similar and looking for a partner that can handle the items and sell it in his country so it will be like a small investment for a high return if anyone interested please contact me on Regards, Roy
  • Mo said on October 11, 2018
    Good day. I am looking for people who can distribute my coffins. I am currently manufacturing from Gauteng. My number is 0765148780.
  • Bea, Junior & Jorge said on February 5, 2019
    Dear all , I am in Massachusetts and I would like to start my own coffin making manufacturer business. My business partner used to make coffins overseas in his country but I am new and inexperienced. I need help with getting the licenses, the business plan et all..., we have some fundings but would like to know where to request more funding etc..., please help us Our email address


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