Setting Up Ambulance Manufacturing Plant

Hospitals, nursing homes, offices, and almost every institution need an ambulance for any medical emergency. Therefore, don’t you think starting your own ambulance manufacturing plant could be a noble business? It creates profit for you while making a difference in people’s lives.

We can show you here how to set up the business plan and market your ambulance manufacturing plant.

The manufacturing of ambulances in America is challenging due to numerous life support and complex medical components. These must be fitted into a small space on a light/medium duty van/truck while ensuring that all necessary safety requirements are met.

Majority of ambulance manufacturers are offering a wide range of products in multiple configurations. There are around 24 major players in this industry with total sales of around $360 million.

Ambulance Manufacturing Plant Business Plan

Before setting up ambulance manufacturing plant, you need to determine the areas where there’s a need for the service. You may also want to look around existing businesses that are being put up for sale since it’s easier to buy and improve an existing business compared to establishing a new one from scratch.

Next, you would definitely need financing. Get ready because your initial outlay would be high – new ambulance costs around $80,000 per unit and you need to spend about $30,000 more to properly equip it. In addition, you would need to hire workers and make sure that they are meeting current standards in manufacturing ambulances.

Marketing Ambulance Manufacturing Plant

Most importantly, you need to market your products. The institutions and communities needing ambulances will not consider your company if they’re not aware about your plant. Here are the steps you can do to spread the word:

  • Become a member of American Ambulance Association. The other members can provide you with tips and resources to approach clients.
  • Call stadiums in the area. Typically, stadium managers need an ambulance in their premises on standby for the sporting events or concerts that frequently take place.
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce or any organization that would help you widen your network. Communities usually have regular events such as car races or festivals that would need an ambulance on standby.
  • Attend local health fairs. Sometimes, private citizens would need to purchase an ambulance for the exclusive use of their family, especially if they have chronic health problems.
  • Set up a meeting with hospital administrators to let them know about your company. These hospitals are always looking for more ambulances to support their patient services.
  • Contact local nursing home directors, rehabilitation centers, or assisted living facilities.
  • Write a press release regarding the startup of your company. Your press release can then be sent to the newspapers and local media for dissemination to the general public.


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    I would like to start an Ambulance manufacturing unit at kerala, India. Require a project plan and good consultant.
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    i would like to start container warehouse business (renting a container) in chennai. can u explain the advantages and disadvantages, and also some ideas about related business pls. thank you
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