Start an Utility Line Construction Business

What types of work can you do if you want to enter the utility line construction industry? What determines the demand for such jobs? What factors limit opportunities? Find out from our guide.

These are the questions that will be answered by our basic guide to a utility line construction business.

Utility Line Construction Demand

Utility line construction covers the work of putting in place water, sewer mains, drainage, flood control facilities and gas pipelines, communication lines, including traffic signals and street lightings, power and transmission lines. The availability of water, sewer mains and pipelines construction projects usually depend on government priorities and available funding. If the government has money to spend for installation, replacement or modernization of its water and sewerage system, it could mean good business. A demand for natural gas that would mean the need to install pipelines is another boon.

The availability of communications line construction work depends on the demand by individuals and businesses of a locality for more and improved communication systems. The main projects under this category are the construction of lines for phones, cable TV, fiber optics and circuits. Work in line with constructing electricity lines could come from installing new power lines as well as from converting existing power plants to into another type of facilities such as from oil or gas to coal. It could also come from efforts to modernize them.

Utility Line Construction Business Limitations

One looking to start a business in this field must be aware that this kind of business is greatly affected by regulatory policies, a change of which could have far-reaching consequences. One should also consider that utility line project opportunities are limited by government budget and public spending trend. Economic downturn that could force people to save could curtail demand for construction work as well. Work is also on contract basis, which is usually one among many to complete a big project. A demand for construction service could suddenly arise when disaster strikes and utility line repairs are necessarily, but ordinarily, it can be predicted by looking at projected population growth rates, which determines future consumption needs.

Utility Line Construction Business Considerations

If you are looking to start a utility line construction business, you must consider:

  • That this business involves capital for securing construction equipment
  • Work is on contract or basis, which means either a large project or no project at all
  • The industry is greatly affected by tax legislations and economic conditions
  • Because construction work is disruptive, you would have to meet extra regulatory requirements to start work on projects
  • Construction projects are matters of public discussion, it’s not unusual to meet resistance from people affected and from concerned groups
  • Construction work is a risky business, it could result to damage to properties and people (which makes liability insurance a necessary expense)


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