Start a Scout Store

Start a scout store and be one of the exclusive distributors of official scouting materials such as scout uniforms, scout badges, scout pins, tools, and so on.

By investing in this kind of business, you can have sure clients and at the same time, sure earnings.

There are so many business opportunities that anyone can start but with so many choices, you might have a hard time choosing the right one to invest in.

You may be afraid that the competition for the kind of business you chose can become stiff and will be hard for you. Or maybe you have a limited capital and you are looking for business that requires lower amount of capital but can give you good profits. You might also be looking for a business that can give you sure demands. With all the small store business ideas, one of the easiest to start is having your own scout store.

Even if you are not a fully-pledged scout, you can certainly start the business successfully and run it smoothly. By having determination and being open-minded in this business, you can surely make it big and even become one of the biggest official retailers of products coming from the Boy Scouts of America.

First, you have to decide on how big your store will be. You can start small by only having important products such as uniforms and badges. Or you can start with a big store also selling scout memorabilia, pins, and other scouting needs. Since there are so many scouts in the United States, you will always have customers which mean that your business will have sure demands. Scouting products are not difficult to market or advertise since these are required in schools and some organizations. Demands for uniforms are specific to each age; therefore, you will have different kinds of customers according to their age. Every year, one loyal scout may become your regular customer.

Decide on what specific location you want to put your scout store business. You can choose a strategic location where you think you can have stronger market. Being one of the exclusive distributors of the official uniforms can become an advantage on your part. Make sure that you advertise it well so that every customer will know that you are an authorized dealer.

When it comes to investment, you can choose to whether you want to start having a small store with few inventories or a big store if you confident enough that you have sure customers. It is ideal that you open your business near schools or places where scouting is really active. By considering the following aspects, you will be able to make your business real big which can give you unimaginable income in the near future.


  • Michael Rodriguez said on June 24, 2010
    I just found out today that one of our main scout store will be closing. And that there will only be two locations available, one in Pasadena and one in Ontario. Each one about 30 mins to 20 miles each way from the original location. I happen to live in San Dimas which is about the middle of the two locations. I would be very interested in opening a scout store. I'm actually going to start talking to our council to see how I go about doing this.
  • gene hart said on February 28, 2013
    @Michael Rodriguez, Did you ever find out how to do this? I'm interested in doing this in my area.
  • steve said on May 1, 2013
    My location is London in Chingford where am living at the moment now and if you wish to contact me about anything please email me as soon as possible. This is my postcode: E4 7RT, 7 ANTLERS HILL
  • Gloria Ward said on May 28, 2015
    My location of interest would be Central Carolina in Sanford, NC 27330.


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