Stages of the Buying Decision Process

Every consumer undergoes the stages of the buying decision process. This is a very important one for him or her to experience the best after purchasing the certain item that he or she really wants to have.

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There are 5 stages that make up the process of every consumer’s buying decision. They are as follows in order: problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision and post-purchase behavior. All of these stages can be considered to be deliberate actions such as researching and looking for the product options. A business should be able to understand the steps that a customer or buyer goes through for it to make a purchase even more. By simply having the right guidance, advertisements and information, the customer’s purchase can be influenced by the merchant.

Know the Stages of the Buying Decision Process

The first buying decision stage is problem recognition. In this stage, the consumers are able to recognize a certain problem based on several factors such as a need, stimulus response and physical cues as well. For example, a customer smells French fries and he suddenly realizes that he is hungry. In that situation, the visual clues are the ones triggering the problem recognition.

The second stage is the information search. The customers who fall into this category search for the best solution with regard to the needs and problems they have. They try to remember or recall the kinds of purchases that solved a similar problem they had in the past. In order to gain more information on the best solution to their problems, they also discuss their problems with family and friends. If you are one of the customers who are planning to buy expensive products or items, the customer reviews are the best references you can use. In just one click, the internet will already provide you with the reviews that you are exactly looking for.

Next is alternative solution. Through the product attributes specifically the technical specifications and through subjective factors specifically brands, consumers are able to assess their purchase choices. It is very important to read the customer reviews because they are known to have the biggest influence to the buyer’s purchasing decision.

Purchase decision is the next stage of the buying process. This includes the location to buy, the date to buy and whether to buy. For groceries, a consumer can just go to his or her favorite grocery store but when buying appliances, there are several stores to choose from. A merchant will be assessed based on the following: special offers, product return policies and experience with the store as well. Other factors that greatly influence a buyer are the friendly sales associates and discounts.

Last one is the post-purchase behavior. This is where the consumer will rank his or her satisfaction of the product he or she bought.


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