Business Vehicle Lease vs Buy

Buying a new vehicle is quite intimidating. Nevertheless, it would be easier to purchase a new car with low interest rate and right payment schedule.

On the other hand, there are other people who want to lease a vehicle instead of buying it.

Obviously, owning a new car is possible with the two options such as buying or leasing. For an individual who want to have a new car and have enough money buying a new car is considerable. On the other hand, if you do not have enough funds you can choose to lease the vehicle that you desire. Over the years, many people choose leasing a car. The decision of choosing the best option in owning a car depends on the financial situation and other significant factors.

Understanding the Ups And Downs between Leasing and Buying

Leasing a vehicle for business purposes is beneficial in terms of tax deduction. On the contrary, if it is for personal use, you should think about the pros and cons. The advantages of buying a car is that once you have paid the vehicle it is all yours and you can do anything you want in customizing or accessorizing the vehicle. You need not worry about the restrictions such as mileage limits and the manufacturer can give incentives when buying the vehicle in cold cash. Likewise, as the owner of the vehicle you have the right to sell or trade in the vehicle in case you want to purchase a new one.
Nevertheless, the disadvantage of buying a car is that once the warranty expires the expenses from repairs are shouldered by the owner. You are also required to pay the sales tax upon purchase and you have to deal with the monthly loan payments. However, if you choose to lease the car you can take advantage with the lower monthly payments. In like manner, it also offers open-end lease which means that you can buy the vehicle at lower cost. Unlike buying a car, when you lease a vehicle the sales tax payments can be paid over time and you can claim for tax deduction especially when you will use the vehicle for business.

The setback of leasing a car is that you have no ownership of the car and you should return it the same condition when you lease it. Likewise, you need to deal with the restrictions and mileage limit. You should understand that leasing a car means that you are renting the vehicle for longer time. Hence, leasing can be an advantage if you will use the car for short period as it will be cost-effective. On the contrary, the longer time you lease, the financial advantage lessens. Whatever options you may choose make sure that you have read the agreement thoroughly to avoid unexpected issues.


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