Setting up a Virtual Office

Connecting with people anywhere and anytime is no longer a problem due to cutting edge technology. With this, people – whether clients or employees – no longer have to go to a physical location to work or transact business.

With the convenience of this setup, you would not be caught the last one to have a virtual office. Make one now.

With all the advancement in technology that makes connectivity easier for people anywhere, anytime and anyhow nowadays, the possibility of a virtual workplace has come true. Now, an office does not have to be a physical place where people go and sit to work each day. An office could be a virtual one – an Internet portal where all the traditional business functions take place, from negotiating one-on-one to group conferencing. Interested? Do you want to set your own virtual office?

A virtual office could mean different things to different people depending on their personal and business needs. A virtual office could be as simple as a laptop for a freelancer or as complicated as a roomful of interconnectivity gadgets for an international office with a local presence in other continents, say Asia.

Virtual Office for Freelancers

If you want to take up a freelancing job and are looking forward to setting up your virtual office, what you would need foremost is a computer unit (a desktop or a laptop) with a good Internet connection. Next, depending on the nature of your work, you’d need several online tools and web services in order communicate (via mails, instant messaging or call), store or share files. These you could have for free. There is Skype for both e-mailing, chatting and phone calling. There is also JAJAH. For file storage there is Google Docs, Zoho Office Suite or for your photos, videos, designs and layouts.

Virtual Office for International Businesses

If you are a business whose employees are remotely located, but would like a central station to receive communication from both employees and clients, then your needs are a bit more complicated. You might have to secure a post box number to get a physical address. Then you need to secure communication systems consisting of a computer with an Internet connection, landline phone with interactive voice response capability, cell phones, and web camera. Have the needed software for your business functions installed. Do you need to have several people connected to a central station for discussions or brainstorming? Then have SkypeCasts or Microsoft SharedView.

Also explore the possibility of acquiring business application suite packages that include everything you need for a virtual office. Don’t forget to install a backup system for your files to prevent data loss. Also, consult with experts on how to keep your database from security breach by intruders. And have a technical support system ready for any virtual glitch.


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