eBay Business Tips

Every business owner needs marketing/advertising strategies whether he is operating an onsite store or an online business. Many of these are basic business strategies.

But eBay has provided more by creating online tools that could help business owners make timely and right decisions. Find out more by reading some basic tips.

If you are operating an onsite store, you have to have advertising and marketing strategies to improve sales and grow the business. It is the same if you are operating an online store in eBay. You have to do certain things in order to make your items stand out from all the rest. Some of these things are basic and some are available as online tools in eBay that users can use to increase sales.

Get good pictures. Because people could not hold or see the actual products that you are selling, make sure that you offer them the next best possible option – a good picture of the item. And the first step to do that is to get a good camera (at least 2 mega pixel) and scanner. Next is to create an ideal place to take photos. That is a room that is free of clutter and with natural light. Use a plain backdrop when taking photographs.

Make informative and attractive titles. Pictures however good will not tell the entire story. Think of what information customers will look for in the item that you sell. Use useful information like brand, size and color (or color options). And set your titles on bold or colored texts in order to make it stand out. You can tinker on your description further using simple HTML tools.

Monitor “Hot Items by Category” and “What’s Hot” in eBay. eBay provides report on what items are most in demand for every month in the “Hot Items by Category” and what are popular items in “What’s Hot.” You can use that information to determine what to sell on certain dates.

Ride on with eBay’s own advertising. eBay’s Merchandising Calendar will tell you what eBay will feature on its homepage on particular dates. You can take advantage of this advertising by promoting similar products on the appointed dates.

Explore the web site and the tools eBay provides to make doing business easier for its users. eBay helps users navigate its site through its Tools Wizard. Make use of that to learn more about the features in eBay that could be of help in the business.

Adhere to the age old principle of treating your customers right. Be honest in your dealings. Respond to customers’ questions promptly, politely and in a helpful manner without being overly concerned of whether you make a sale or not in that instance. Send the items as soon as payment is received. Make a good impression every time. It will last a long way.


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