How to get a Private Equity Job

For our economic situation today, even though it’s kind of shaky and on the ground, private equity jobs are still in demand.

Private equity jobs can be the thing you need to be able to have a stable and profitable future.

The Private Equity Job

Even though we are suffering to an economic crisis worldwide, the jobs in this kind of business are still very popular and high in demand. Unlike the so called hedge funds, these firms for private equity are less susceptible to the variations of the market and also have longer staying power. The best thing that you can do to get the perfect private equity job is to get back to the basics and understand it well.

Steps to Do

First, if you are really well aware on private equity, then you also have such good understanding about investing and also finances of this business. Keep in mind that private equity businesses usually work with profitable and well established companies. So, if your passion is really high on the emerging technology or somehow in the social networking areas; you should do some adjustments and search as well as concentrate on venture capital instead of this private equity. Then if you found a certain company or service or product that definitely interest you, try to know if that business has any funding (private ones) and know who the investors are. Remember that you will truly be successful if you will invest in the area where your passion and interest lies.

Once you have found a few companies that you really like and proactively researched about them too, try looking for an angle. Business schools and undergraduate school alumni are always the best entry point. Then, ask a partner to set up the meeting. In additional to mailing your resume, leaving a voicemail is also a perfect idea. Be very sure when contacting a person, be very specific. Do come prepared and discuss the portfolio of your firm in details. Furthermore, be very careful on the competitors of your firm. So how are they different?

Asking every helpful question about the portfolio’s business model is such a great way to know all your stuffs like knowing the revenue model, knowing the gross margins and why is it high, and why your local company trade EBITDA multiple. Be very persistent and check on follow ups. The investors in private equity are all busy and they are definitely getting paid in investing money. Just share and develop more your proprietary investments. The ideas are just very easy and simple. However, the hardest part is the execution. Last but not the least is to submit your application to TARP and they will help you because they are handling out millions and millions of dollars without any commitment.


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