Selling and Buying Organs

Are you eager to know the risks involved in selling and buying organs? Selling your organs like kidneys can be a painful experience if you’re intention is to earn money, likewise buying an organ to save the life of another person can also be a difficult task to look for a donor, here are some important viewpoints about this topic.

Recently, there are ongoing arguments about the legality of selling and buying organs of different medical societies in different countries.

The main issue here is how to sustain the shortage for organs like kidneys and livers for the organ transplant of a patient. For the donor, the process of selling his organ is a very painful experience on his part just to earn a little amount of money in saving a life of a patient. On the contrary, when you buy an organ from a donor to pursue the organ transplant of a member of your family so he or she could live a little longer, the possibility of the success of the organ transplantation is also minimal. Taking into consideration of these two outcomes, the debate is still not over.

On the other hand, one of the main reasons why a person is selling his organ is due to financial aspect. If you will notice, most of the donors came from the lowest class of the society. If you will be asked to sell or donate your precious organ like your kidney, are you willing to do so? Other main concern here is about health risk on the part of the donor. The operation of extracting the kidney from the donor is not only painful but life-threatening, too. He might survive after the operation but there will be other complications afterwards and the lifestyle of the donor will be changed after all. On the side of the recipient, the operation of the organ transplantation has no assurance for success. It will depend on how the body will react on the new organ transferred to the patient.

How to Sell and Buy Organs Legally?

At present, the regulation on selling and buying of human organs varies in different countries. One of the dilemmas here is the black market where illegal transaction of selling and buying usually happens. If you have an intention of selling your precious organ, you should inquire first with the local Department of Health in your state. Keep away from abusive authorities whose aim is to earn from your organ, and you are not sure if you’re life will be safe during the extraction of the organ from your body. What will be the purpose of selling your organ if you can’t enjoy the money you have earned if you’re already dead in spite of everything?

And for the buyers, transact only with the legitimate medical authorities in purchasing organs for your patient. You have the right to know the origin of the organ to ensure that it came from in legal means.


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