How to Sell Water

Water is one of the basic needs in order to survive. The demand for clean and safe water is now increasing due to the increase of environmental pollution and this means that you will generate high income from this venture.

To learn how, this article regarding how to sell bottled water must be read.

Just in case you have in your locality a source of water, you may utilize it and come up with a bottled water business. How to sell bottled water can be learned from the succeeding paragraphs.

Bottler Hunting

When you are planning to enter into this business, the first thing that you should do is locate for the possible bottler. This is the company which is responsible in packaging the water. In order to find such, you may try to look in the business reading materials that you have. These include newspapers, magazines and business brochures. Or if you have difficulty looking for them in those resources, you may just simply try to research for them in the Internet.

Utilizing the Internet will give you quick results in the possible selections of bottlers. It is advised that you must not just stick to one service provider, but rather to several of them for you to get the best.

Labelling and Pricing

Then the next thing that you should do is to find the appropriate label for your product. Utilize a name that is catchy. It must contain the features that can captivate attention. If you found difficulty formulating one, you may hire someone to create a label for you.

After you have created the label, it is now time for you to determine the right pricing for your products. Place the costs of the bottled water in a way that wholesalers will still generate nice amount of income. If you have difficulty determining the individual pricing of these products, you may do market survey and know the price list of typical bottled water.

Marketing Strategies

After you have come up with the appropriate pricing, it is now time for you to develop your marketing strategy. You may use banners, flyers and cards that you can disperse in populous places as well as gatherings. You may also create a corporate site where you can advertise your products in the online community. You may place in your site articles that depict the wonders of your bottled water. Make the articles as brief but as substantial as possible. This is to avoid boredom to those clients who are reading the write ups.

Market Test and Modifications

After the marketing process, you may already use the market testing process. This will let you discover the viability of the stuffs that you are offering to the public. Whatever perspectives that you might get, you can use them to enhance the quality of the products that you are producing. From time to time, you should monitor the results of the service that you are offering. Just in case the products do not yield results properly, you may do some modifications to change it.


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