Starting a Water Business

More and more people today are being aware of the chemicals in the tap water systems that they turn into bottled water. There are many people these days who are interested to both the business and the interested individuals to set up the bottled water scene.

If you are one of them, you can choose from being the one who provides the services or the one who makes the profit. It’s your call.

Do Some Research

You should be able to look or research on the different bottled distribution options. There are some who are on a regional basis, but most of them are on a national basis. It is important that you know these things to be able to give you the accurate information on how to operate or even know a certain technique on how to run your own bottled water business. Look for the product quality. This will help you to determine the much sellable quality of bottled water. It is really difficult to determine which is which since the bottled water products available in the market are almost the same in taste and appearance.

Learn about the cost of the starting distributorship. Through this, you will be able to project the budget you will be using in starting your own bottled water business. Many bottled water business owners would have other big companies or individuals to invest to their business so that they will be able to expand the business and be able to succeed in this kind of business field.

Sign Up and Have Some Inventory

After you have chosen the company that will help you distribute the products you made, sign things up and be able to apply for a distributorship. Another thing, when you are already a distributor, you should stock some inventory. If you are really decided to be a distributor and not the maker of the bottled water, the good thing about it is that you don’t have to have a great number of inventories. You can have some pre orders from your customers without having with you the stocks of bottled water on that particular time. But you may also have enough number of stocks for the purposes of quick turn-around orders.


Look for your potential customers. You may do this by visiting local businesses, may it be office and retail, and have some appointments with the managers of these offices or retails to be able to let them know about the bottled water you are distributing and the delivery options you have for them. You may also market your bottled water to potential residential customers by using flyers, mails and promotions. Since you are already on your way to promoting your bottled water, you should start listing the names of those customers who wanted to avail the bottled water you offered them. When you are done with the list, you should schedule now the delivery of your bottled water to your customers. His is important because if you fail to deliver one item to one customer, it might cost you the potential profit you would get if you lose that account.


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