Samsung wins infringement case, Sharp TV and monitors banned in US

Two electronic giants were battling over sales in the US, as both filed infringement cases against each other and both were found guilty of violating the Law.

This, as the US International Trade Commission ruled in favor of Samsung, saying Sharp Corp. violated infringement act.

 South Korea-based electronic giant Samsung Electronics Co. has won a victory against Osaka-based Sharp Corp. after the US International Trade Commission ordered the ban for selling the latter’s liquid crystal display TV and monitors to the US, after being found guilty of infringement over one patent owned by the former.

On the other hand, the Washington-based agency has over turned another decision, saying that only one patent has been infringed by Sharp.

ITC posted a notice on its official website, saying that Sharp Corp. should stop the sale of its LCDs, which includes panels and models, and

In a notice posted on its Website today, the ITC said unlicensed Sharp LCD devices, including display panels and modules, and LCD televisions made overseas that use Samsung's patented invention should be banned from the US market.

Meanwhile, a trading judge had earlier said that Samsung had also infringed four patents under the Sharp label, which ironically ordered the banned of several Samsung monitors, TV, and professional displays.

The two companies have been battling it out in the US courts for the patent of the said technologies.

Samsung, which filed the complaint last December, said that Sharp has violated the patent by selling models of its high-definition Aquos line of LCD TVs.


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