Promotional Gift for Employee

Businesses should see to it that they keep their employees motivated. When your employees are working hard and are candidates for promotion, you need to decide on the perfect promotional gifts.

In this article, you can find great gift ideas that you can use. As long as you don’t exceed $1,600 in a year, the gifts will be non-taxable.

Promotional Gift for Employee – To Boost Morale

Taking good care of your employees is very important. Without the employees, your office or business will not function properly. In a business setting, the employer can’t make money without an effective and efficient team of employees. If your employees are doing well with their work, you need to appreciate and recognize them. There are lots of trendy gifts that you can give to your employees who are eligible for promotions. The gifts can easily boost the morale of your employees and further improve productivity. By simply recognizing the contribution and talents of your employees, you can create a good relationship in the work area and foster goodwill.

You have to be aware of the rules of IRS when it comes to giving employee gifts so that you can avoid tax problems. In most cases, the gifts should not exceed $1,600 a year for it to be considered non-taxable. You can also absorb the tax when giving bonuses and gift certificates; you will simply take out the tax from the paycheck of your employees but this should be discussed well. Why don’t you try giving personalized apparels, goggles, watches, and apparels with company logo or the brand name of your business? You can order these things from a local shop or from other branded outlets in your area.

Promotional Gift for Employee – Great Gift Ideas

Here are other promotional gift ideas that you can give to your employees – wall clock or table clock with the logo and name of company; food coupon, coffee day or sodexo passes, free spa massage or treatments, gift vouchers, photo frame, pens, stationary items, mugs, bags, chocolate box, brief cases, leather wallets, organizers, leather folders, diaries, and other items where you can emboss the company logo or name. Tangible rewards in the form of cash cheques are also great promotional gifts. You can also organize team breaks through outings to resorts and fun houses. The activity can help in relieving stress and renew the enthusiasm of your employees.

Promotional clothing never goes out of season. Sweatshirts should be of good quality and make sure that you think of creative designs so that employees will want to wear them. You can also create corporate uniform like polo shits and t-shirts that employees can use during warmer months. Look for a gift supplier that is experienced in producing promotional gift items to employees. Another great gift item is pens since employees need them everyday in the workplace. Pens are very simple items and are less costly. Choose your promotional gifts well.


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