Opening a Snowboard Shop

Are experienced in the sports, or in retailing snowboard equipment and accessories? You can turn that knowledge and enthusiasm into a money-making venture. From being a sports person, you can also be a business owner. Read our guide and discover how you could turn this interest into cash.

So you are opening a snowboard shop. Most likely, you are experienced in the sports, or in retailing snowboard equipment and accessories or, better still, somebody with a ski and snowboard business degree.

This is a specialized sports and so passion, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge are a plus if you are opening a business in line with snowboarding.

Type of Snowboarding Shops

Basically, to open a shop, you'd have to come up with a business plan, choose an ideal location, determine where you are going to get your financing, and secure licenses and permits. For a snowboarding shop, there are three types of stores that you can start: a local store, a shop within a resort or an online shop. It depends on what resources are available to you. If you are in an area where snowboarding is much liked, you can serve the local enthusiasts. If you own a resort or know of someone who owns a resort that has amenities for snowboarding, you can open a shop to serve visitors. If neither is available, you can go online selling equipment and stuff. What you can sell are snowboards (of course), snowboard boots, bindings, coats, snowboard racks, coat racks, and accessories like helmet, goggles, stomp pads, and snowboard locks. For these, you'd need commercial size storage and display racks that you can buy for $100 to $400.

If you will be operating a local shop, you are in a better position to really keep relationships that will be valued by clients. Your product variety may not be much, but you have the advantage of showing the equipment to clients and letting them have the feel. If you are operating in a resort, you can stock more on accessories as those who will be coming there will most likely have the equipment but will lack the little items.

Customer Service in a Snowboarding Shop

As in any business, customer service is of utmost importance for your snowboarding shop. And so, your staff should be friendly and preferably are actually living an active lifestyle. They should be able to respond to the needs and questions of customers and be able assist them on the choice of snowboard equipment based on height weight and riding preferences; as well as on their proper use. As the store would most likely receive requests for repairs, the staff should be able to make adjustments and small repairs. In addition, they should be able to maintain a good visual presentation of the merchandise.


  • Mike said on January 25, 2009
    can i get more info please?
  • Brian said on February 3, 2009
    I have been a buyer, a manager and worked the sales floor for a few different shops. Not only for snowboarding but skate and surf. I already know how to run one. I am dam good i must say. I just need to know how the hell does one get the funding and how much does it cost to open up a shop?
  • Taylor Wright said on March 31, 2009
    Yeah i want to know how to start up a snowboarding brand rather than just a shop. Do you have any information on that as in start up costs etc.?
  • Joe said on September 13, 2009
    I am currently attending school for entrepreneurship and working on drawing up a business plan for a snowboard shop of sorts... Could you send me more information funding, start up costs.....? thank you
  • walter bestman said on November 1, 2009
    i am currently attending school and i am working on a business plan, mapping out a marketing and operating strategy for a snow board company(IT SOLUTION)can you please help me
  • mr. x said on February 5, 2010
    the best way to achieve funding in this current economy is to present a solid business plan to a venture capitalist. In pursuing this kind of funding, there are going to be shares involved where the venture capitalist might have either some or majority shares in your company. however, when you are at a stable point you may purchase the majority of the shares. Now if you have up to a 710 on your credit score, you may receive a bank loan and again present your business ideas to the business development offices and seek approval. i hope this helps guys.... good luck to all of you and i hope you wish the same.
  • Smiller said on March 22, 2010
    I had the itch to open up my own shop but I cant really do it alone i have been looking for someone to come and help me out so i can get it underway. If anyone wants to see what we can get done hit me up.
  • Billy said on December 13, 2012
    i am trying to make a business plan and i do not know how much it would cost to start a business like this. Also i am not just having snowboards in my shop i want to have other winter clothing in my shop and i was just wondering what it would cost to start
  • Joseph John said on June 6, 2014
    Hi, We are snowboard and ski pants & jackets manufacturers having complete setup of garment making. We have a strong RnD section being able to make tech packs as well new designs. Startup companies and established brands are welcome for customization. We offer workable prices, pl contact me at
  • ashley said on September 20, 2016
    hi, i'm Ashley and i'm in school for business entrepreneurship and I have a really big interest in snowboarding and I know a lot about it, I've been into it for about 4 years now and very interested in opening up a shop eventually or volunteering, is anyone in need/help with anything ir shop? if so my email is


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