Open a Big Apple Pizza Franchise

Knowing that there are a lot of Americans that love to eat pizza, putting up a pizza franchise is a great move, provided of course that you’ll do your search and pick the best pizza franchise.

If you are thinking of pizza franchise, then you may have the good start of choosing pizza franchise as a business due to its demand to the whole United States.

Reports from Pizza Power Report, there are roughly 65,000 pizza restaurants in the whole United States that earns a total of $36 billion dollars every year. Knowing that 90% of the Americans have pizza once every month and 26% eat pizza once a week.

Along with the large Italian immigrants during the early 1900s, pizza arrived with them. From that time pizza has been included in American diet. Until the mid-1940s pizzas have been popular especially in places where immigrant stayed such as Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia. Pizza has become even popular after the World War II, where American troops who are assigned in Italy demanded for the food that they have love during their stay in Italy and that is pizza. From then on, pizza has been included in the American cuisine and a constant food that is place in their table.

Due to the high demand of pizza in United States, many pizza restaurants started to open all over the country. There are restaurant that are being open from one state to another, and from each cities of the states. Many pizza restaurants started to open one branch to another, this is where franchises are founded and some of the market leaders in the pizza business are Little Caesars, Pizza Hut and Domino’s.

If you are interested in franchising pizza business, you have to start with your financial aspect because you have to prove that you are eligible enough to franchise such business. One of the important aspects of starting a business or acquiring buying a franchise of pizza business is the changes of commodity prices such as grain and gas prices. These commodities usually change a lot and it has a great impact on the financial status of the business. You have to learn how to balance your finances to maintain the stability of your pizza franchise. Find ways to cover up the changes in prices of your commodity, you may need to increase the price of pizzas or consider absorbing the additional production rate.

Though there are some economic changes in maintaining pizza franchise, there are still positive outlook in the pizza industry. You can search on those pizza franchises that have a high reputation in the market, try Big Apple Pizza franchise.

Big Apple Pizza is founded by Filomena Lino, their family migrated in Brookly New York and open a New York-style pizzeria. The recipes that this pizzeria has been providing many customers a great satisfaction and the pizza can be lined up on those well-known brand of Pizza in the United States. All their ingredients are all made to order using the best Italian recipes.

If you are interested to open a Big Apple franchise, you must need to have a good financial status because the total investment needed ranges from $278,300 up to $493,000 dollars. As for initial franchise fee it ranges from $20,000 up to $25,000 dollars with a 4% of royalty fee, 1% advertising fee and the terms of agreement is 10 years.

With that said, opening a Big Apple pizza franchise has been a great way to start a business. Getting a pizza franchise is much better than those independent pizzeria, because Big Apple pizza franchise already have established their name and have all the resources needed to make the business successful, it also include the marketing assistance knowing that the brand of pizza is established years ago than those independent pizzeria.


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