Shakey's Pizza Franchise Information

Once you join the Shakey’s family, you can get the chance to take advantage of their hundred years of experience. The company can also help you generate greater income than the usual. This will only be made possible by knowing the Shakey's pizza franchise.

Before you can take advantage of the income generating possibilities from Shakey’s, it is important first that you know the Shakey’s pizza franchise information.

This article will provide you the information you need to know how to open the business right away.

Secure Online Franchising Form

Initially, you need to go to the site of Shakey’s in order to fill out the franchise form. This online form is needed in order to know your personal information. So once you have browsed the site of the company, you will be asked to supply the necessary personal information. See to it that you provide factual and information to avoid any possible problems in the future. Once you are done filling out the form, it is important that you pass it right away.

Orientation with Franchising Personnel

Once the online form was passed, interested franchisers will be given information on the time and date of orientation with the franchising personnel. During the orientation, you will be given information regarding the company and its background. This is also the time when you will be oriented in terms of the amount of franchising opportunity available and the processing on how you can obtain Shakey's Pizza franchise. During the orientation, you can also ask questions to the personnel in case you have questions regarding the franchise opportunity. Usually, this is also the time you need to decide if you want to sign the contract now or later.

The Apprenticeship and Location Selection

Right after the contract has been signed, the next thing for you to do is to undergo apprenticeship. This is where you are supervised by an experienced manager in order to direct you in the managing of the business. There are series of trainings and seminars you have to attend, as they are geared towards helping you manage the business. At the same time, location selection is also being performed. The company requires specific measurements of the location to ensure that the operation of the business will be optimized.

The Launching

Once the location is spotted, the supplies and the hiring process are performed. This is where all the needed equipment, workforce and things are secured in order to open the business right away. Once everything is all set, you can already open your business. Make sure that you apply all the things you have learned during the apprenticeship in order to run the business opportunity efficiently. You can also do your own efforts in terms of the marketing of the business. This is to ensure that you can attract as many customers as you want.


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