Nursing Entrepreneurship

In human’s perception, nurses are designed only for caring and assisting sick people. Due to their medical learning background, people cannot avoid to refer their job mainly in medical services.

But like other workers, nurses can also perform several tasks and one of these is entering the world of nursing entrepreneurship.

Being a nurse is quite difficult as what other professions are. Nowadays, nursing no longer refers to medical services to patients and working in hospitals. Most nurses particularly the experienced ones can engage in business matters. Since becoming a nurse entrepreneur is quite interesting, lots of nurses today are actually willing to have business. However, this is not easy as what you think because it has challenges that you must surpass. If you want to be a nurse entrepreneur, you must read the following ways.

Ways on How to Venture Into Nursing Entrepreneurship

First is the hands-on approach. You can practice this step along with your nursing task. Your job can help you in approaching different types of patients. With this, you can meet different people which can help you to know what kind of approach you will use in different individuals. Aside from that, you are also required to combine a variety of approaches in order to provide you the effective healthcare. You can also find training that provides learning about hands-on approaches.

The second step is about making plans. Before you start your business, you need to make plans first. When you build a plan you can easily determine the possible things you may use in the future. In your plans you may include the sources of funds, the amount of time you can give over to them and the kind of property as well as the equipment you will need to invest. Remember that if you have proper plans, you can estimate all possible things like facing problems particularly in financial aspects.

Third is being optimistic. If you think positive on how you can be successful on your business, you will surely achieve your goals. In addition, if you have the quality of optimism, you will be brave and confident enough to be a leader which is very important factor in managing a business. If you are a novice to nurse entrepreneurship, of course you might not know how your business will succeed in the future. In case it did not work out, you must have fall back option. You can start a new one especially a business related to your field like nursing consultancy service, nursing practitioner and many more.

Lastly, you can never be successful if you don’t work hard for it. Remember that even professionals work hard just to achieve their goals. How can you be earning income if you would not work hard? And how can you be a nurse entrepreneur if you would not take risk in investing? So, just develop your skills and be ready to face challenges. Keep in mind that your success will depend on how you persist.


  • Tammy said on December 27, 2013
    Please send info about nurse entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Emmanuel said on March 23, 2015
    I love this piece. This line "And how can you be a nurse entrepreneur if you would not take risk in investing?" is the crux of the matter.
  • Nancy said on April 27, 2016
    I have a degree in nursing.Presently I work in UK. I am interested in starting a recruitment company in South Africa(my original country).Any ideas on how to start, email me
  • Eric Johnson,CEO beginner adviser said on May 15, 2016
    @NANCY The first step of business is to define your work objective, this is easily accomplished by using what I call "the 5w's system". With it you can create your biz synopsis/overview, biz plan & develop the effective 15 second "elevator pitch", a needed quick way of telling investors/press what your business is about w/o wasting time. The 5w's can assist also in solving business problems by inserting the correct answers. MONEY is the last item to be worried about, if the process is secure, then everything else will fall into a WORKABLE operation system. Most entrepernuers think that the funds are the most important, but your business plan is your roadmap how to succeed. HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHAT AND HOW MUCH THE BIZ WILL cost w/o it. If your business hits a snag following your biz plan in proper order will point to the problem in the quest.
    1>who: name of business?
    2>what: the purpose of your business/service you wish to sell?
    3>where: location of biz operation, brick/mortar or web base?
    4>when: when operatable?
    5>why: reason why your product/service is needed/worthwhile?
    When answering the 5w's an entreperneur can succeed in an ORDERLY Manner. Clifton Park,New York,EDJ Consults. || Consultant


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