Meeting Room Setup Styles

Business meetings must be comfortable and conducive to business related topics which will be discussed. Moreover, there are meeting room styles that you can adapt. This will help you modify your environment in a very good way.

If you are looking for those available meeting setup styles to try, this article will help you out.

Constant arrangement of your meeting room can be boring. In every business meetings, there must be different room setup styles. Most probably, this will affect the overall ambiance of the room. In connection with this, the available meeting room setup styles must be learned.

Classroom Style

The first room style you can do is the so-called Classroom Style. Basing from its name, this imitates the setting mostly found in the classroom. Basically, there are penny or banquet tables in the room. Furthermore, there are also chairs located behind every table you have in the room. The direction of the chairs is all facing forward. Because of this, the listeners will not find it hard to follow whenever there is someone speaking since they will only focus in one direction. This allows delivery and receiving of the information happen at its best.

Horseshoe Style

U-shape is also another room style you can adapt. This is also called as the Horseshoe Style. Like the aforementioned style, this will also facilitate easy delivery and receiving of information in one direction. However, this will only confine limited number of people especially when your room is not that huge. However, this is the common set up of meeting room in some offices. But in adapting this meeting room style, see to it that you consult your catering service provider in order to maximize the actual room size where you will do the meeting. In addition, catering services provider will also make the most out of your space since you also need to secure space for other stuffs like audiovisual equipment.

Banquet Style

The next style you can adapt to your meeting room is the so-called Banquet Style. The characteristic of this is the use of round tables surrounded with chairs. In every table, there is about eight to twelve number of chairs. Yet, this usually depends from the size of the table you will use. But the disadvantage of this type of meeting room set up is that there are some positions of listeners which are not conducive for learning. Like for example when the speaker walks and he is at the back of the listener, the receiver of the information will feel awkward.

Conference Style

If there are huge numbers of people who will attend to the meeting, the best meeting room style you can adapt is Conference Style. Typically, this features huge rectangle or square which has the capacity to accommodate more or less thirty people at the same time. This style of usually best in intimate meeting and is weak when it comes to large numbers of people. This is usually fitted to bigger rooms. There are other styles of meeting room Example of these are:

  • Reception Style
  • Theatre Style


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