How to Start a Caravan Park

In order for one to facilitate proper operation and establishment of caravan parks, it must start with the guidance of the law.

There might be plenty of things to consider but by just following what is right will surely make the difference.

Caravan parks are becoming very popular in many places around the world. This is so because of the demands of people who have their recreational vehicles which they would like to park on overnight or for longer days. These vehicles are actually placed in areas called “pitches”. With the demand for more caravan parks, it is not anymore a big surprise if there are plenty of businessmen who are looking for ways on how they can be able to start their very own caravan park.

How to Start a Caravan Park?

First and foremost, you must seek the help of those who are in power. You must make sure first that you are given the permission by local authorities when starting a caravan park. Of course, there are planning conditions that must be considered for the further development of such project.

Once you are granted with the permission in establishing your very own caravan park, you will now be given a license to start it. However, be also particular with the conditions that will be stated there. Some of the conditions that are commonly seen, as discussed by are the following:

  • Licensing
  • Entertainment
  • play areas
  • park layout
  • pitch spacing
  • fire prevention
  • services
  • roads
  • toilet facilities
  • type of permitted caravan, etc.

Tents must also be given license just like the license that will be given to caravans. When it comes to this, there is the so-called “28-day rule” wherein caravans are allowed to operate even without permits in unlicensed areas. This commonly happens especially in the peak of demands.

Pitches must also be considered in establishing caravan parks. Here are some of the pitches that can be used:

  • Caravan holiday homes
  • Tents
  • Motorhomes
  • Touring caravans

Moreover, operational as well as legal issues must also be taken into consideration. One must be very particular with the different aspects that would go with it. Some of these will include:

Camping parks

These pitches are very much sought-after especially for those tourers who look for caravan parks in a daily basis.


Booking must also be given importance since it will be for your own good. By having software that would look into the bookings for further soft flow of business. In addition to this, there must also be pitch fees that must be ready. These pitch fees will vary into seasons. Of course, if the season is on peak months, then there will be higher charges.

These are some of the factors that you must always be particular with before you start to have your own caravan park. It will always start with the authority and law that you must follow so that you will be operating smoothly.


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