Marketing Your Photography Business

Since its inception during the early times, photography has captured the interest and attention of many scientists and artists.

Its use has been versatile; in science, it was used to study the movement of humans as well as animals (as in Muybridge's study in 1887); in arts, it opened a new avenue for representation (as in the pictorialist movement); in the military, police and other security forces and agencies, it is used for surveillance as well as data storage.

Its most popular use, to date, is to capture memories of leisure times, special events, and occasions and even as a means of entertainment.

Because of its obvious use and beneficiality, photography is among the many rare businesses found in businesses. But not all photographers are blessed with the imagery most clients require or are looking for. Sometimes, marketing strategies to be used differ in varied clients. It’s not just about distribution and sending of portfolios, postcard mailings just so you can advertise your photography services.

The very aim of marketing your photography business is to get as many prospective clients who have the capacity to pay the price of your product, at your lowest cost. Marketing can be divided into either: you initiate contacting your prospective client or you persuade them so that they would contact you.

Here are among the marketing strategies you can make use of in your photography business?

  • You can send out portfolios to your prospective clients which may be buyers, art directors, editors and even agencies
  • You can send direct mails to clients
  • You can display your works at galleries, restaurants
  • You can join competitions
  • You can work with an agency who will do the marketing for you

The abovementioned marketing strategies are all examples of “push marketing”. It is an obvious push to a target group of specific people who fits a certain profile. In this type of approach, you make the first move to contact.

There is another approach which is called “pull marketing”. It makes use of mass-media such as print ads and television, where clients are said to be “pulled in” by the promotion. Examples of pull marketing are: (1) television and radio ads; (2) print ads (in newspapers, magazines and other publications); (3) online ads (via the internet); and (4) exhibits, trade shows and conferences.

It is highly suggested that you make use of the pull marketing approach as a strategy to marketing your photography business. This is said to be a better option because it can reach a greater number of audience.

Also, you must also have the basic knowledge on a few principles such as:

  • Know your target audience.
  • Your audience must see your name several times for familiarization.
  • Be relevant.

You can also personalize your marketing materials by customizing your portfolio and match the needs of your client. Plan the strategies and approaches you wish to use in your marketing. You have to remember that longer-term planning is most effective in marketing.


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