Marketing a Day Spa

In this hectic world, people would always look for good place to stay, relax and feel life. And this is exactly what day spa has to offer.

If you are interested in running this type of business, you can read different ideas for marketing your day spa in this article.

Marketing strategies are considered as a very important part of business. It allows people to recognize you and your company. It also gives the public an idea about your offered services and your lead against other competitions. You can also use this in informing the public about sales and promos in your company.

Establishing Your Name in The Market

Letting the people remember your product by its brand and logo is a very important part of marketing strategy. You can place it in your business establishment, products, gift bags, membership cards, gift packs, gift certificates and any thing you could offer. So if you want people to recognize you, think of a simple logo that would appeal to there senses. Remember that your logo will represent you and your service. Therefore, it is important to consider your spa and its theme. For example, if your spa has a Hawaiian atmosphere, then it is best to emphasize it in your logo.

Know Your Market

Your marketing strategy will largely depend upon your target market. Know more about your costumers, what they want and what they need. Build up on that information and take it to your advantage. If you want to market your day spa online, then make a list of your target market like for example teenagers so that you can send mail to your specific target costumers rather than just sending emails randomly.

Advertise Your Day spa

You can use the traditional way of advertising, online promotions, or both. In traditional way you can publish your product in the newspaper or magazines. Pamphlets, tarpaulins, banners, or streamers are also used. With a large budget you can promote your products on TV commercials or radios. If you want to advertise online you can create a website, use pay per click, emails, banners, pop ups, blogs and social network. But, using the web could be very challenging. Having a wide coverage of costumers means a wider range of competition. To establish your way to the web, begin by submitting your website to different web hosting company’s, then top the search engines. Take note that majority of the viewers would only browse the first few sites. You can also use other means of product promotion. You can give your costumers a little piece of thought. This could be done in a form of small tokens, discounts, gift packs, or souvenirs. These small tokens need not be given every day. For example for availing a full body massages with aromatherapy they would be given free towels or figurines as a souvenir until the promo ends. You can also membership cards to give discounts and privileges to the members. Then follow up with your costumers by emailing them, or phoning them. You can also ask for suggestion and comments in order to improve your service.


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