How to Write a Franchise Business Plan

A franchise business plan is an essential part of the business model that requires adequate research and proper assessment to guide the franchise into its success.

When it comes to setting up your franchise, there are several things you must initially consider.

Much like setting up your own business there are key factors that need to be taken into consideration, even more so since you will be making your business available for management by other groups of people. With this in mind the business plan for your franchise must fit the possibility that there may be others making the decision for the company.

Start with the assessment of your original business plan. When it comes to the franchise remember that you are the owner of the original company and anyone else under the franchise has nothing more than the right to manage their own franchise establishment and the sale of the products registered under it. The original ownership and rights all belong with the franchiser and these are things that have to be made clear in the agreement. Describe your business and the basic factors that are adapted from your original business plan. Include the marketing, operating procedures and various financial datas.

After you have specified the details for the business, you may now go down into specifics. Make an initial assessment of the finances required to avail of a franchise in your company. These amounts should support the worth of the franchise and company as you would not want to charge too much or too little for people to become part of your franchise family. Include option for financial aid or if you have third party partners that you can refer your potential franchisees to then state them clearly. Include a detailed breakeven analysis and balance sheet complete with all the equipment and materials that will be included in the franchise agreement. You may also state the specifics and amount percentage you will be claiming monthly or annually from each establishment.

He third portion should include other supporting documents and details such as licenses and legal documentation of the franchise, partners and associates of the company and other key details that may aid the potential franchise owner with setting up their business.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for good deals to invest their hard earn cash in. Owning your own business has become a primary option for those kinds of people and they are constant search of an attractive business plan and financial agreement to suit their needs. With that in mind it is important to consider various options for the applicants so that they will be able to avail of the franchise. The benefits, particulars and finances involved in setting up your own business are things that people look at to consider application.


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