Catchy Cleaning Business Names

The name of a business is rally essential for this will be like your official identification to your customers. This is the reason why owners of a cleaning business must also come up with catchy names.

Get some ideas on how to make catchy cleaning business names.

When you are in the cleaning business, one of your primary tasks was to secure that you will have a definite clientele. And to achieve this, the first thing that you have to do is to have a name for your business. Keep in mind that choosing catchy cleaning business names is a big must for this will be very important with your general marketing plan. You must start with brainstorming of the possible name ideas. This must be based on the usual requirements or perceptions of clients when they get the service of cleaning companies.

A Name that Rhymes

It is definitely essential that your present and prospective clients will be able to remember easily and quickly the business name that you will choose. A rhyming catchy name can actually be taken into consideration when you are thinking of cleaning business name ideas. Make use of a short but descriptive phrase consists of two or even three words. You can also try including “clean” or even its synonym in the name that you are thinking of. For instance, names like “The Cleaning Machine” or “We Mean Clean” are names that are rhyming and catchy at the same time. They do not just describe the cleaning business but they are also to remember.

That Girl of That Guy

Many cleaning businesses were also able to achieve success by using light-hearted, informal yet simple name. You can try to start off with just the phrase “That Guy/Girl With” and then follow it up with phrases that contain names of cleaning tools such as vacuum, broom or the buffing machine. For instance, “That Girl With a Broom” might make prospective clients to picture a professional cleaner holding a broom and at the same time, they will have the idea that the person is easy and fun working with. You can also match the logo of your business with the name.

Commercial or Residential

Another good idea will be to narrow down the specific focus of your business by adding “commercial” or “residential” to the business name. For example, “Janey’s Commercial Cleaning Company” is something that will tell customers that the specialization of the company lies in commercial locations such as office buildings. When a prospective client will go through Yellow Pages in the hope of finding a cleaning service for offices, the word “commercial” that he or she will see in your name will make you stand out among others. This works the same for those potential clients who want to make sure that what your company provides is cleaning services for residences before they make a call.

Personal Touch

Another easy way to name your cleaning business is making use of your own name. Aside from the personal touch that it evokes, recalling the name will also be easy and you have already established your name in the business, more customers will be attracted to employ your cleaning services.


  • Xandria Wade said on February 25, 2013
    Mebane/ NC. Hi, Do you all help with coming up with business names?
  • stephanie said on June 26, 2014
    Brunswick ga also know as the golden ilses. this will be myself and my mother in law starting a small cleaning business to encompass all kinds of cleaning. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  • Debbie Smith said on October 16, 2019
    I would like help in trying to find a name for my cleaning company. Myself (Debbie) and my grandson Jeremy). please, help us find a name PLEASE. Our cleaning company will do commercial and, industrial cleaning.


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