How to Write a Business Summary

The purpose of the business summary is to provide an overview of the business to the readers so writing a good business summary can gain approval to investors.

The first thing that business plan readers see is the business summary located in the last part of the business plan.

Brief Introduction to Business Summary

The purpose of this business summary is to provide the readers an overview of the entire business plan. The business summary is considered as an introduction of your business so this should include things such as the description of your business including the services and/or products offered, mission statement, management of your business, market and consumers, sales and marketing, competition, business operations, and financial plans and projections. The ending should be a brief summary statement stating that your business is definitely a winner.

How to Write a Business Summary?

To write your business summary, you should start by following the mentioned above things and writing short paragraphs composing 3 sentences or less about each of the topics. You can review your entire business plan to craft these summary sentences and be done in your business plan. As a matter of fact, you can write a business summary from each section that you have already written. Then the ending should answer the usual question of the reader “Why your business will win?”

Tips when Writing a Business Summary

Concentrate on providing your reader a summary because your business plan will be the one to provide all the details. Then keep your statements positive and strong. Do not weaken your business summary by using weak language because the reader will not be happy about it and will immediately scrap your business plan. Keep in mind that the business summary must not be more than 2 pages long. Do not pad the summary of your business plan with details especially pleas because the business summary’s purpose is to present your business’ facts and then entice the reader to continue reading the rest of your business plan.

Next is to polish carefully your business summary. It must be clear and sounds good. If possible, have someone to hear your business summary and ask him or her about it and then make the necessary adjustments. Tailor your business summary to your audience. You must focus on the things that your business can provide the investors as well as why this opportunity is one of a kind special. Keep in mind that this business summary is always the first thing that readers read from a business plan so it must be excellently written. You must do everything that you can in making your business summary as good as possible.


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