How to Build a Cricket Farm

Crickets are used as baits as well as food for amphibians, reptiles and other pets.

People who own those kinds of animals are ideal to build a cricket farm. You can also breed crickets and make it a business by selling the crickets to pet stores.

Building a cricket farm is an educational project that you can do with your family. As long as you have the necessary materials to use you can easily build a farm. However, building such farm would require most of your time. That is why if you are working you need to hire someone who can look after your farm while you are on work. Likewise, you should know how to build the cricket farm. Here are some simple steps to follow:

Building a Cricket Farm Easily

When building a cricket farm you will need several things. The first step to take is to prepare the aquarium that you will use as farm. Purchase an aquarium that can house 1,000 crickets and you can use 10 gallon aquarium. This is the ideal tank size to start because female crickets can produce about 10 eggs daily. This means that in just a short period the cricket would multiply tremendously. In preparing the aquarium, make sure that there is an airway yet ensures that the crickets would not escape through the airway. You can install ventilation in the aquarium but should not have holes. The ideal material that you can use in the lid is a fine mesh.

After you have prepared the aquarium the next step to tackle is to heat the aquarium to make it a helpful place for breeding and growth. Remember that the ideal temperature for cricket’s breeding is 88 degrees. If you do not have heating system, you can situate the aquarium in a room that is warm. Heating devices are available in many pet shops. It is recommended to use shallow dish when feeding the crickets. Chicken mash and yellow corn are the foods for crickets. However, it is also ideal to give your crickets calcium-enriched foods. Heating the chicken mash before feeding is required to kill the bacteria.

Do not forget to give fresh water. However, to achieve healthy cricket farm make sure that the crickets have limited access to clean water. Ensure cover the water dish in the cricket aquarium to avoid drowning and prevent bacteria growth. You can use watering system in such a way that the crickets would obtain water from the sponge soaked in water. In addition, you should put substrate inside the tank for laying eggs. Cover the bottom of the tank with peat moss or soil. Likewise, you can also use a container designed for egg laying that you can remove afterwards.

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