How to Start Refrigerator Repair Store

Refrigerators and freezers are essential features of modern houses, businesses, hospitals and research centres. They are not immediately replaceable items and people would try hard to have it repaired first before disposing of them.

If you are properly trained to diagnose refrigerator problems and fix them, this is one business you can start.

One of the many appliances that people cannot live without is the refrigerator or freezer. The refrigerator is an essential fixture in homes, in stores, in hospitals. Without it, we won’t be able to properly keep food fresh or preserve some biological culture for use in medicine, agriculture, etc. Once it malfunctions, people immediately need to have it repaired so that it can get back to its usual function. If you have the proper training in refrigerator repair as a technician for an appliance center or an established repair shop, this is a business you can start.

Getting Training as Refrigerator Technician

If you have no prior experience but would like to become one, enrol in short courses in appliance or refrigerator/freezer repair, then work in that field for at least a few months. While some types of repair work can be done by people who have acquired some repair skills, you have to be professionally trained to become a reputable refrigerator technician. You have to have proper knowledge about how a refrigerator condenser and evaporator work, how to diagnose problems when – for example, water leaks inside the unit -- and how to properly dispose of non-serviceable parts so that they wouldn’t become environmental hazards.

Setting Up a Refrigerator Repair Shop

If you have enough capital, you can put up a storefront and put a big sign advertising your refrigerator repair shop. If not, you can start this at home by operating a business in the Internet. Since most people use the Internet for everything they need, having an online presence is a must. That way, they’ll find you when they enter “refrigerator or freezer repair” plus your location in the search engine. While you will have to spend money to have your Website properly done and maintained all the time, it would be cheaper than leasing an actual space, building a shop and keeping it running. Advertise your service extensively by distributing fliers and giving businesses cards. And don’t forget to talk about your business whenever you get the chance to touch on the topic with anyone.

To be fully equipped in this business, you have to have a vehicle that you can use to service clients. You also have to be ready with unscrewing and testing tools as well as with some spare parts in order to immediately finish a work. Do everything in your power to impress every client with your service. Answer all types of questions whether very simple or absurd with respect, courtesy and tact. Give them advice on how they can properly maintain the health of their units. They are your best free marketers once you have gained their trust.

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