How to Start Hollywood Tans Franchise

Entrepreneur Magazine recently awarded Hollywood Tans with a “Top Tanning Salon Franchise” award. This company is strategically positioned to be on top of a growing trend. So now is the right time to partner with the company and start your own business.

Do you want to know how to start Hollywood Tans Franchise? Look at our business guide for more.

Hollywood Tans is a professional salon leader that gives a more confident and beautiful tan to people. These days, about 30 million Americans are visiting indoor tanning salons. And these people are spending more than $5 billion annually in this industry. The company uses the process of Tanetics in producing their tan. Tanetics is part technology, part science, and part art. It starts with tanning goals, sensitivity to the sun, and understanding a person’s skin tone. In addition, it incorporates exclusive lotions to help people maintain a healthy, perfect-looking tone.

Hollywood Tans Franchise Business Guide

With focus on your business and streamlined operations, Hollywood Tans Franchise features these opportunities:

  • Little or no spoilage and inventory waste unlike the other franchise options.
  • A straight-forward business model that keeps it simple for the staff and for you most especially.
  • Pleasant and enjoyable work environment for employees that may result in very low personnel turnover.

In addition to the business systems, the franchise owner will also have access to the company’s superior tanning products. Hollywood Tans is the only company in North America that can manufacture their own line of proprietary tanning lotions, extensive salon cabinetry, and proprietary tanning equipment which can be provided to you at low or wholesale prices. There is an in-house production facility that makes sure the equipment that is installed in the salon has the highest quality. Their innovative and services and products can truly be a standard for other people to follow.

Hollywood Tans Franchise Business License

Hollywood Tans is the largest professional chain of tanning salons in the country. With over 250 locations nationwide and 15 booths at every location, the customer can be in and out of the salon in no time without ever needing to have an appointment. And with their vertical tanning system, customers will have the most sanitary and comfortable way to achieve a perfect shade.

The company’s comprehensive package provides the franchisee with a platform of cost-efficient resources, systems, and expertise. Aside from the Hollywood Tans University training that you’ll receive, you can also access various experts with just a single phone call. This includes marketing, training, maintenance, finance, operations, construction, and real estate. They support their franchisees by giving them special access to its headquarters and manufacturing facilities. Visit their official website or contact them today and learn more about their franchise opportunity.


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