Starting Your Own Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio Franchise

Starting a career in retail store that features exclusive skin care and other beauty products can be a very rewarding, especially when you invest in a Merle Norman Cosmetics Franchise.

With almost 80-years of experience in beauty care, Merle Norman now has hundreds of top-of-the-line and tried-and-tested products that cater any skin and color that the customers want.


There is actually a little company requirement in putting up your own Merle Norman Studio. The company’s website did not mention what are the qualifications that they are looking for interested franchises. The company also did now mention how much net worth you need to have to get in.

How much it Costs to Start a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio Franchise

The Company is tagged as one of the best franchising opportunities under $50,000 and $50,000 to $100,000. The total investment cost in one Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio can cost you around $33,000 to about $100,000 depending on the size of the beauty clinic. However, the company did not mention in their website whether there is an initial franchising fee.

Return of Investment

To ensure the best value for each franchise put up, the company has employed the use of top-quality control unit and research to develop, manufacture, and package its own products with minimum expense. With this efficient way of creating products help the company to reach the projected revenue each year. Millions of customers also prefer Merle Norman Cosmetics and its products because of its finest ingredients and state-of-the-art processing.

Training and Support

Upon signing a contract with Merle Norman, the company will now take care of finding the right location for you to put up a store. This will help a lot in ensuring the return of investment. The company will also give your staff field training in order for them to know and familiarize themselves with hundreds of beauty products that will introduce to customers. Advance home office training and point-of-sale software training programs are also available should first-time owners need one. To date, there are more than 2,000 studios under the Merle Norman brand in both US and Canada. All of these franchises have benefited a lot from the extensive training, and strong advertising/marketing supports by the company.

Promotions and Advertising

Merle Norman has also been known for its prolific advertiser. The company will also provide each franchise outlet with any kind of advertisement it needed. This may come in the form of print ads, radio ads, and brochures and posters. The most commonly used advertising is the community relations approach using newsletter, special meetings, phone hotlines, and grand opening. Another marketing strategy being used by the company is Co-op advertising. Free samples of newly develop products are also being offered too customers as form of advertising.


  • Michael said on April 10, 2009
    It had been my dream to start up my own retail business studio, however, my problem is where to get the startup capital. There is a ready market for cosmetic products here. Interested people can contact me on this mail Id.
  • ginni said on February 1, 2011
    how much indian money do i need to start this business.where to start and how please help.


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