Open a Desert Sun Tanning Salon

When people nowadays are always on the go, they lack the leisure of time to sit and bask in the sun to get that perfect tan.

This is why indoor tanning is very popular in the beauty industry.

One thing people never get tired from is the quest to obtain the perfect tan. Gone are the days when people had to lie in the sun for several hours just for beauty. Not only does it take up a lot of time but direct exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun for prolonged periods of time is considered very dangerous and could result into several skin ailments and diseases including cancer.

The Desert Sun Tanning salons business was established in the year 2000 and has been franchising since 2005. It currently has 93 franchised units and is still actively seeking more franchisees that are willing to partake in this profitable business opportunity. The Desert Dun Tanning franchise gives franchise owners the opportunity to experience the rewarding luxury of owning a successful service tanning establishment that guarantees only the best quality and services by only trained professionals.

After the interested applicants apply for the franchise, they will be contacted by one of the support representatives and the potential franchisee will be required to attend a 1 day orientation prior to construction of their tanning salon. Therefore by this time one must have already assessed the location and its corresponding demographics for their business. At the orientation, the franchisee will learn the company business model and system as well as the development process and all the corresponding manuals and paper works. Franchise owners are entitled to a personal login for the company DS support site that will further assist them with their issues and concerns as well as update them on company promotions, projects and new developments.

Once the salon has started construction, the franchise owner or manager will attend a two week training class at the franchisers headquarters where he will be taught the basics in in-store training, as well as be instructed on how to properly manipulate the point of sales system and all the other corresponding company software.

To open a Desert Dun Tanning Salon franchise you will spend a total investment of $198,500 to $427,500 with an initial franchise fee of $50,000. The royalty fee is 4-6% and a renewable term of agreement at 10 years. If you do not have the initial required amount on hand you can opt for franchising from other third party establishments.

To become a candidate for application you need not prior experience to the basics of tanning salons, though it would be an advantage, as well as basic general knowledge with regards to business management. Otherwise, the basics of these will be taught during training, though it would be advisable to attend either other classes or seminars to help get you better acquainted with the type of business you are about to enter and how to manage it properly.


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