How to Start Art Framing Business

Are you creative, handy with tools and interested in wood working? An art framing business is a business you can start.

You can do it part-time at home. To start, you can take quick lessons from the American Picture Framing Academy. Find out more on how to start this business from our basic guide.

A framing business is a simple business to start if you have the interest, creativity, and skill demanded by it. It is even easier and less expensive to start if you already have it as a hobby, which means you already have framing tools on hand that you can use for the business. However, if what you have at the moment is just interest and inherent creativity, you can still start this business in no time at all. Here is how:

To get the skill in framing, you can take lessons from your local college, or the American Picture Framing Academy. There are training courses that can take less than a week. After the course, you’ll be given a diploma (that you can display in your shop to boost your qualification as an art framer). After learning the basic skills in framing from the pro, it’s time to add your personal touch by using your own creativity in making frames to enhance the beauty of paintings, pictures and certificates.

Acquire framing tools like mounting boards, clamps, sander, matte cutter, frame cutter, tape, mitre box, hand stapler, glue, glass cutter, and saws. If you cannot afford new ones you can find used framing tools. And don’t forget that you’d also need a bench or sturdy table to work on.

Research on stores that sell framing supplies and glass cover. Lumber yards are places from which you can buy wood mouldings.

If you have a full-time job, you can start a framing business as a part-time job. You don’t have to quit your job immediately. Businesses like this are better started small until you have enough clientele to pursue it full time. An art framing business is also an ideal business to start for those who are retiring because making frames is not really a physically demanding job.

Find a store front with a work space and area to display sample frames and matting if you are pursuing this job on a full-time basis. If you are doing it part-time, find a space in your house like your basement, storage area, shed or garage where you can work.

Establish connections with artists, gallery owners, and photographers and work to get a wholesale framing job. You can also contact photo processing shops who don’t have a framing add-on to their business. You can partner with them in selling to customers the idea of framing their photographs. You can also make pre-framed art to sell.


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