Starting a Picture Framing Business

If you want to start a picture framing business, choosing an ideal location is very important. Lease out the store space and purchase the needed equipment or supplies.

Determine the pricing for your services based on certain factors. With the right advertising methods, you can attract a lot of customers.

Starting a Picture Framing Business

Before you enter any kind of business, you should have the skills and knowledge to ensure success. There are some variables to consider like location, customers, pricing, selling, maintaining a customer base, making profits, and selling online. To be ready, you must create a business plan because this will cover all the variables. Conduct a thorough research about the viability of your picture framing business and if you can find adequate target market, you can start this lucrative business. The very first thing that you have to do is to find the right location.

You don’t have to purchase the lot or the store because the ideal choice would be leasing. A store that is located at the right street will attract a lot of customers. For instance, a good location would be near photo shops. People who want to frame their photos can go to you. This type of business requires capital especially during the initial months. If you don’t have enough capital, you can apply for business loans from the government and other non-profit organizations using your business plan. This is the most effective way to secure funding especially if you can prove that the business is viable.

Pricing, Designing the Store, Staffing and More

Determine the local prices for picture framing. This often varies from one place to another but with careful research you can determine the right price for your services. Once you get customers, you have to take good care of them and provide only quality service. This will ensure repeat clients and referrals which can increase your business’ popularity and good reputation. After finding the location, you can how design the store and be sure to display some of your precious works. Try to have a separate area for the picture framing jobs to minimize clutter. If you want, you can have a shop with a small office to entertain customers.

If you’re getting a lot of picture framing jobs, you need to hire employees. Insurance can also protect your personal assets if you encounter problems in the future. You must purchase general liability insurance and apply for a business license. Promoting the business will ensure more customers and if you want, you can develop a website so that people from other places can learn about the picture framing services that you are offering. With a wider customer base, you can easily earn attractive profits in a month. Start your framing business today. Manage it well and monitor financials carefully. Be well informed about the latest trends in picture framing and offer it to your clients.


  • Saamer (SAM) Bayloon said on December 19, 2010
    I use to be a picture framer 10 years ago. But things have changed.What i am struggling to find on the net is a complete list of everything needed for a small framing business. Such as all the tools & equipments & stock & companies i can deal with in sydney & everything else needed. there must be sources available & research templates but i am finding it impossible to find exactly what i need. i must do it right. no room for errors. The rest. Such as leasing. legals. & all that i can manage my self. I am 51 & i have lost everything i ever worked for during the recession & i need to start again. i have suffered too much. Please help me the best you can. I am begging you . Please. i do not have much money & time. But i can pay you something. my funding is coming from the bank after i present a viable plan. i need your help to do a complete research on everything. I cannot afford to miss anything. e.g. not even the price of nails & where to get them & so on. please do a good deed. I anxiously await your reply & directions. THANK YOU &GOD BLESS> SAM
  • Oluwakoya Oladipupo said on February 4, 2011
    I am interested in starting a Starting a Picture Framing Business". in ogun State,Nigeria . Can you plz tell me how can i do it? what are the important things involved in it? Tel 0097026284935, 0092347080007954
  • Okpok Okon said on May 25, 2011
    I'm interested in starting a picture framing business in cross river state,Nigeria, I'm happy I got this link.I'm an artist and have used frames over 12yrs.pls can u help me with all relevant info to set off successfully at fairly minimum capital. I guess starting with second machines won't be a bad start.thanks .Tel.2348037050169
  • Reynheart DC said on July 5, 2011
    hi thanks for posting this link, I'm staying here in manila and planning to put up small framing business. I have a second hand Hannsen chopper and currently looking for location to stay. Can you give me overview on how to get the right formula for pricing for all units to be used? sticks,glass,matboards etc...Thanks and more power....
  • saikat halder said on March 21, 2015
    I am interest this business but what can do that? Please tall me. My contact number is 9851535020
  • Orisscreative photos said on November 15, 2016
    Please i am a photographer and I want to start a framing business so that photographers too can Frame in my hand help me out please
  • Ayobami said on May 2, 2022
    I'm based on Jo's and want to start a framing business. I want to know how to go about it Things I need and very reliable and affordable suppliers. My WhatsApp and call line is 07067146811
  • yemi oyediran said on October 24, 2022
    I Base in Abuja I'm a professional pictures and art framer I'm looking forward to settling down to open my own framing Gallery I know everything about framing I just need capital to start is my Whatsapp number 07011553034 Or 08125692561.


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