How to Start Aluminum Recycling Business

Recycling is the name of the game in this time and age. If you are one of those who has the passion for recycling then a business that something to do about your passion is a must try for you.

In this article you will be able to have an idea on how to start an aluminum recycling business.

In this time of global warming, recycling is the in thing and a business about recycling is worth a try. Recycling is the alternative being used nowadays by people who care about the environment. Instead of manufacturing things from raw materials recycling is a part of the 3R’s that is being promoted by environmentalists: Reduce, Reuse and RECYCLE. There are many things that can be recycled: papers, glass, plastics, textiles, electronics, metals and aluminums. Aluminum recycling is a must try business venture for people who are into recycling.

Study the industry that you are getting involved with. There is no better way than be knowledgeable and preferably educated about recycling. Read books and magazines about recycling, go to your local library for a wide array of books and magazines to choose from. Enroll in short courses abut recycling or entrepreneurship in your local or state university, such as solid waste/recycling courses, waste management course, waste treatment course, environmental and recycling course etc. Learning the basic of the industry can be your edge over the many others that are already into the business.

You will need a place where you can sort and store all the aluminums that will be collected once you are in full operation with your business. If you have a vacant space in your own backyard then you can convert it into a sort and storage area but you may have the need to look for a place specifically for your business for the recycling equipment/s that you will need.

How do you market your business? One of the ways to market your business is by posting banners and tarpaulins in your area. You can also distribute flyers in areas where there are lots of people like malls and supermarkets. You just have to indicate the schedules, date and possible time of collection per area. Another way of advertising is by creating a website for your business. The internet is so powerful that with just a click of the mouse your website can be accessed by thousand of people in an instant.

You will also need to hire employees that will collect used aluminums. If you have a truck, which is also a must, make sure that collection is made as scheduled. Make sure that you hire the most qualified employee suited for the position. Create a harmonious relationship with your staff so that they will in return love and care your business the way that you do.


  • Uche said on February 18, 2011
    Hello, Thank you for giving me an insight on how to start an aluminium business but i still need advise in some gray ares. What are the equipments that can turn aluminum into bales? I also want to export them from Nigerria to other countries.Are there countries and companies you know that can buy my products?
  • Anteneh said on March 10, 2011
    Hi, thank you for the information about aluminum recycling business. Please tell me what machines needed for the business and where i could find them. Are they costly? From Ethiopia!!
  • tania said on May 30, 2012
    Hi,thank you for providing an idea about aluminum business.But i need to know the name of the machine need to recycle the aluminum.What will be the cost and where those will be available.and which things i should collect as raw material. from bangladesh
  • sanjeev kumar singh said on March 22, 2013
    i am in allahabad up. i am interested in aluminium recycle business in my area
  • Hanumantha rao said on April 25, 2013
    Hi this is hanumantha rao from A.P,India. I want to start a aluminum recycling business, please let me now the capital of this business and where i find the machinery.
  • Emeka said on April 26, 2013
    Please am looking for aluminium recycling companies in lagos where i can sell my cans. Thanks.
  • Sanjay Chaudhary said on January 13, 2014
    Presently I am working with MNC in HR/Admin and now I m looking to completely change my job with a small recycling business, it may be aluminium, paper, cardboard, plastics, oil et... please let me know companies who can help me in growth of my business
  • samson said on January 19, 2014
    @Emeka, i am a big buyer of can, radiator, copper and brass, here is my number 07035078815.
  • Amareswar Reddy said on March 9, 2014
    hi, I am Amareswar from A.P in India. I want to start an aluminum recycling plant please send me the details of investment needed and where can I find machinery
  • Samkitec Resources said on November 18, 2014
    Hi, Send ur details we can share all the information Amareswar Reddy. Regards Lakshmi. If anyone interested call us 040-23515967
  • Noha ismail said on January 27, 2015
    Hi i am interested in starting a business in aluminum recycling. In particular purifying used aluminum and converting it into bales or ingots. Can u advise me with the equipment needed and an estimate of the startup cost?
  • Noha ismail said on January 27, 2015
    Cairo egypt, Hi i am interested in starting a business in recycling aluminum, in particular purifying used alumjnum and converting it to bales or ingot. Could u please advise me on the equipment needed and an estimate of the start up cost?
  • bhumit thumar said on April 2, 2015
    hi i want to know more about these. will u please help me to get start with these
  • Irfan said on April 18, 2016
    Hi i am interested in starting a business in aluminum recycling. In particular purifying used aluminum and converting it into bales or ingots. Can you advise me with the equipment needed and an estimate of the startup cost?


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