How to Start a Yard Maintenance Business

If you have the passion for maintaining beautiful and attractive yards, you can start your own yard maintenance business. This business idea is suitable for a home based business for a smaller amount of capital.

With the right strategies, you can succeed in this kind of business. Get the needed equipment as well.

Starting Your Own Yard Maintenance Business

Some individuals are really quite creative and if you’re one of them, you can start a yard maintenance business. According to experts, for this type of business, you will need a capital of around $2,000 to $10,000 and this will depend on the size of the business. If you want, you can operate from home during startup because this will allow you to save lots of money. Maintaining a beautiful yard can be hard especially among busy homeowners. This is where your business will come in – you will be the one to offer such services.

If you don’t want to specialize, you can begin with a general maintenance business for yards. This may include property cleanup, cutting grass, trimming the trees or hedges, removing rubbish, garden tilling, and lawn aeration. Find customers who are willing to hire your services regularly. You can charge y the hour or you can also offer yard maintenance packages to help customers save money. To ensure that your customers will trust your skills and services, you need to apply for a business license. You can secure the license from a local government agency and pay the licensing fee.

Services to Offer

Yard maintenance is a year-round task. During autumn, you can offer raking of fallen leaves and on winter, you can offer de-icing or snow clearing. To offer qualify services, you will need to purchase equipment like tillers, mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, and a mini truck for transportation. If you are going to cater in the local neighborhood and nearby areas, you need a mini truck to carry the equipment. If you can’t afford the brand new ones, you can simply purchase used yard maintenance equipment. With the use of the internet, you can easily find the ones you need at an affordable price.

This is your chance to earn great profits from home. When the daily business tasks are already getting in the way of your home routines, you can start looking for an ideal location for the shop. You can find a business space that is available for lease along busy streets. Make the final arrangements and create a formal yet relaxing office to meet clients or customers. Determine the right advertising methods to use to promote the business. You can even ask help from family and friends for referrals. Make sure that you have a phone line and if possible, maintain a business website for easy access. Pricing your services should be planned carefully to ensure success.

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