Starting a Waterless Car Wash Business

More often than not, the beginning of any endeavor is the hardest to deal with. This is true even in the business industry. More so, starting a waterless car wash business may be taxing, especially if you are a first-timer.

However, it is in this article’s aim to provide instructions on how to do so.

Step 1. Conduct a research regarding the competition in your area. Know how many car wash businesses exist within the 25-miles of where you plan your business to be. Find out how many are with water and also, those without. If you have the finances, you can also check the services they provide by having your car car-washed by them.

Step 2. Conduct a research on what type of products and services you would include and provide in your car wash business. Since this is a waterless car wash business, there are a variety of waterless car wash products you may find. However, it is wise if you choose those which are environmental – friendly (biodegradable and organic). Also, it should be effective when used. Test the products first before finally purchasing them in bulk. If you can do so, you can also just ask for samples and do a product testing on your car or on your friends’ mobiles.

Step 3. After testing the products, purchase the products you’ve decided on to complete a car wash, whether full, inside and out, or not. Besides the waterless car wash product, you may also consider purchasing glass and rim and tire cleaners, leather and vinyl treatment, vacuum, microfiber (or chamois rags), plastic bags (as garbage bags) and fresheners (such as Febreze or Renuzit).

Step 4. Decide on how much you will charge per car wash you complete. Make sure that this will break even with your expenses on supplies, insurance and others. To help you further with this, you can check out articles from e-how or from other websites regarding the charge. If you want, you may also make use of the “trial and error” method. However, doing so, maybe harmful to your just starting business as it may discourage customers if you keep changing your prices.

Step 5. Having your business cards, fliers or other advertising tools may be helpful. Distribute these to people you meet or you can leave out a flier to cars you see in the parking lot. Also, you can post these ads on community bulletin boards for everyone to see.

Step 6. Present yourself pleasantly, and your car, too. You can have personalized t-shirts for further marketing and do not forget to flash those white teeth.

Step 7. You can expand your advertisements through the use of the World Wide Web. You can make use of e-mail notifications or pay for your online ads. If you have the means, you can also create your own website where you can feature the services and products you offer. You can also add a video clip on how you do your waterless car wash business. The choice is yours. For further information on advertising, you can check information online.

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  • Sunil Bansal said on September 21, 2017
    How can i start this business? pl brief. i read all 7 steps given. Can i have business demo. pl let me know .. Thanks, NarsBan enterprises pvt Ltd


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